Perfectly maintained front yard New York homeNeave Landscaping proudly offers the best residential landscape maintenance in the New York and Connecticut area. We have been at this for 50 years, honing our craft with the type of time-tested experience you won’t find anywhere else. Our commitment to excellence and quality over the years means that you can expect high-quality efficiency from Neave Landscaping. Forget about working with the slow-paced businesses that lull around while you’re trying to read a book outside on the weekend. We will get the job done faster and better than the rest.

It is our goal to help you design the perfect outdoor space. We do this with access to all of Neave’s specialized divisions, a full staff of trained professionals and a commitment to serving you to the highest level of quality possible. With Neave Landscaping you can enjoy a massive range of elite services that are perfect for residential landscape maintenance. We are literally your one-stop-shop for landscape care!

Below is a brief outline of some of our services. You can click on the links to find out more information, or simply contact us to find out more about our exceptional residential landscape management services!

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

backyard mowed weekly with maintenance plan
Your weekly lawn maintenance program from Neave Landscaping is custom tailored to your specific needs. It can be as simple as trimming hedges and mowing the lawn, to improving the health of your plant life or updating the outdoor aesthetic of your backyard. Each person’s property is different and requires specific care. Learn more about our weekly lawn maintenance programs today!

Plant and Lawn Health Care Programs

Ensuring that your home’s plant life stays as healthy as possible is the direct focus of Neave Lawncare. We have specialized professionals dedicated to ensuring that your residential plant life enjoys the life it was meant to while beautifying your estate the way you intended. Plant and lawn health care programs can be accessed on a scheduled or per-event basis by contacting us.

Tick Prevention

Neave Group landscaper spraying for ticks
Ticks can carry disease that is harmful to organic plant life and also carries disease that is dangerous to humans. They live in moist areas and humid environments. Neave Landscaping can protect or eliminate your residential property of these nasty critters. We do this by modifying the landscape to create “tick safe zones” that discourage them from nesting on your property, and we can also have a variety of chemical control agents that can prevent ticks or remove a troublesome tick infestation.

Seasonal Color Programs

We offer annuals, which are flowering plants that have a single season life span. This allows you to refurbish your backyard to properly reflect the season and give your outdoor space a vibrant, colorful and personal touch that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Our professional landscape management specialists can create the perfect annual rotation program for you, and even present a wonderful variety of custom container designs for planters beyond the bed. Your front lawn and backyard should reflect your own tastes, and Neave Landscaping is here to make your dreams a beautiful and luscious reality exploding with color! Learn more about our seasonal color programs.

Pond Maintenance

Have our staff clean, treat and maintain your water features year-round with regularly scheduled visits to ensure that they are operating at optimal levels while also achieving the desired appearance and function you originally intended. We have a dedicated division called Neave Aquatics that focuses specifically on water features. Find out more about our pond maintenance services.

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Specialty Garden Management

Simply put, Neave knows plants. We can help you design and maintain your own specialty garden. Grow your own vegetables or dedicate a small portion of your backyard to growing a specific flower like orchids. We can also protect your specialty gardens during the colder months by winterizing them.

Spring and Fall Clean-ups

NY Fall leave clean up by Neave Group
Prepare your front lawn for the coming growing season so that it blossoms just the way you envisioned. Our spring clean-up is a personal blend of different services depending on the client, and are combined to ensure that your outdoor space takes full advantage of the warmer temperatures. The fall clean-up is a “winterization” service that will protect your plant life and lawn from the colder months.


landscaper pruning bush outside of New York home
We perform full seasonal pruning services throughout the spring, summer and fall to clear out spent flowers and ensure brilliant blooms. Our careful attention to detail will preserve your already existing plant life and allow you to enjoy a flourishing backyard and outdoor space year-round!

Seasonal Décor

Christmas lighting display by Neave Group
With our hard working and dedicated staffers at Neave Décor, you can plan year-round arrangements for holidays, celebrations or any special occasion you have in mind! Find out more about all the wonderful offerings that we provide for seasonal décor, and to inquire about our décor leasing service.

Irrigation Systems

New York home irrigation system watering lawn
Take the hard work out of watering your flowers and lawn by using our incredible irrigation systems. Neave Irrigation has fully automated, semi-automated and manual systems available that will have all your plant life enjoying a happy, healthy existence during the growing season. Not only do we perform full installations, we also offer regular maintenance visits to ensure that your irrigation systems are optimized.

Pool Maintenance

We offer a full line of pool maintenance and repair services. We have NSPF certified pool and spa operators to help keep your pool looking and working like new, and our APSP Certified Service Technicians are ready to tackle any problems that your pool may have. You can create a pool maintenance schedule or call us only when you need us, such as replacing a pool liner or closing your pool for the winter. Since new and existing pools can be problematic with lawn care, we offer solutions to maintain the health of your organic plant life when your pool is being installed or used. Learn more today.

Plant Replacement

There can sometimes be a variety of reasons that a plant reaches the end of its life cycle. Contaminants in the soil, poor root structure, vandalism or an irregular climate are just a few examples. Neave Landscaping specialists can inspect dead plants and determine the reason for its untimely demise. Sometimes it’s just a matter of poor location for that type of plant. Our staff will design a plant replacement protocol specific to that instance, and advise you on methods to prevent a shortened life cycle in the future, or help you select other plants that may be better suited for your backyard.