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A winter pool cover with leaves on itProper pool opening and pool closing can reduce maintenance and repair costs of your pool, which is why Neave Pools offers it as part of a complete seasonal service that can include Pool Opening and closing, Power washing, Introduction of chemicals (as necessary), Weekly visits for cleaning and chemical testing, Winter Check-Ups, and more. Pool opening and pool closing services are also available as a stand-alone service if needed.

Pool Opening in Spring

Not sure how to open a swimming pool after the weather warms up? Let Neave Pools perform your pool opening so that you can rest assured that your investment is properly operational before you begin using it. Our team of technicians will review all of your pool systems, balance the water and can even review the condition of your pool equipment to ensure its quality. We can run a full inspection of your entire pool area and, in the case that the winter months have not been kind, we can make any recommendations. A solid pool opening service from Neave Pools can kick-start your pool season the right way! Our pool opening service includes:

  • Remove and Store Winter Cover in Storage Location
  • Drain Dirty Water
  • Remove Fall or Winter Debris
  • Chemically Clean Entire Pool Interior and Exterior
  • Install any Pool Related Equipment (i.e. fencing, grates, etc.)
  • Start Filling Pool
  • Inspect Filtration Equipment
  • Chemically Balance Water
Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have Neave Pools open your pool and get you ready for the summer!

Fall Pool Closing

Investing in a qualified team of technicians for your pool closing is a wise decision. We pride ourselves in being extremely thorough and diligent during our pool-closing service so that you can rest assured during the off-months that your pool is safely stowed away, ready for a simple and easy re-opening when the weather allows. Our pool-closing service includes:

  • Drain Pool to Winterized Level
  • Treat Pool Water
  • Maintain Chemical Balance Throughout the Winter
  • Drain and Dismantle Pool Equipment
  • Winterize Pool Related Piping Systems
  • Clean all Pool Equipment and Components
  • Install Winter Cover

Closing your pool safely and securely will alleviate any surprises when you re-open it the following year. By taking care of your pool properly with the right team, you can rest assured that your pool is safely tucked away for the winter and that all of your pool maintenance equipment is stowed away ready to be used again without a worry. Give us a call today or fill out our simple web form to schedule an appointment to have Neave Pools close your pool whenever the time is right for you!

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