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Neave Pools offers patio and pool deck renovations, allowing you the opportunity to refurbish and renew the look of your outdoor space surrounding your wonderful pool. Patio renovations are a great option if you’ve updated your pool recently or simply want a better flow between your outdoor living area and your pool.

renovate pool patio
The new pool decking surrounding the swimming pool features Techo-Bloc pavers

Schedule a visit from one of your Neave Pools contractors to have your land surveyed. During the inspection of your patio or deck, you can discuss new ideas for your patio or areas of concern. Our certified Neave Pools contractor will also offer suggestions based on the current condition of your patio.

During the design phase for your patio renovations, you’ll be able to discuss materials such as wood and stone and structural additions or subtractions to the space. You can add a wide range of feature additions to your patio as well including pergolas and sun shades, which can increase the usability of your outdoor space by providing protection from the sun.

One of the benefits of working with Neave Pools on your patio renovation project is that it will give you access to our other divisions within Neave Group Outdoor Solutions. You don’t have to concern yourself with juggling multiple contacts either since your assigned contractor will coordinate all the efforts on your behalf. This frees us from limitations our other competitors will have. Working with Neave Pools will give you immediate access to all of our divisions, like Neave Landscaping and Neave Masonry, when conducting your patio renovations.

Now that you know all the benefits of selecting Neave Pools to help you design and refurbish your patio, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to get your patio renovations started!

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We opened our pool crazy early in preparation for our daughters’ bat mitzvah. Neave Group was accommodating and made sure everything was ready for the late night swim we had promised our kids and their friends. Crazy storm just before our big event left us with an overfull pool full of leaves. One text to our account manager in the morning and he came to the rescue and the pool was perfect and kid ready when we arrived. Two weeks later, we had a problem with the filter. Texted him on a Sunday …
Laura K.Cortlandt Manor, NY

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