Practice your hairpin net shots, or just bash the birdie around with some friends on your brand new badminton court! Neave Sports will go beyond installing the playing surface for you – we’ll also install all the accessories you need so you can enjoy flicking forehand shots all afternoon long. No matter what level you’re playing badminton at, Neave Sports can build the perfect backyard badminton court for your home.

Badminton Court Surfaces

Concrete – Cost effective, easy to installNeave Sports can build badminton courts using a variety of different surfaces. Here are some of the surfaces that we offer, as well as some of the advantages.

  • Asphalt – Cost effective, lower impact and increased cushioning compared to concrete
  • Acrylic Court Surface – Weather resistant, available in vibrant and fade-resistant colors, easy to maintain, improved performance with lower maintenance
  • Flex Court Premium Tiles – Excellent performance, extremely low maintenance, reduces instances of sports related injuries, fast drying and quick draining, available in a wide range of colors
  • Real Grass – For a true “backyard” feel that won’t interfere with your lawn. We can offer tips and services that will help keep your grass volleyball court in the best shape possible as well.
  • Artificial Turf – Reliable and consistent grip traction, very low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing.

We recommend discussing the surface choices with your Neave Group expert to make sure that you get the best surface for you.

At the same time, it’s important to us that you’re happy with the aesthetic appeal of your backyard badminton court and we can help it blend in properly with your outdoor space so that it serves to compliment your home while adding value. We do this through a combination of color choices, and by working with our sister divisions, such as Neave Landscaping and Neave Masonry.

For Commercial Properties

As with any of our courts, Neave Sports also builds badminton courts for parks, recreation centers, educational institutions and commercial properties. We’ll be happy to build badminton courts at your school, nursing home or athletic complex! Depending on the surface, we can build courts to match your colors and even add a logo, and offer a range of accessories to help complement your new court.

Contact Neave Sports today to find out how easy and simple the process is, so that you and yours can be out enjoying the outdoors on your very own badminton court!

Flex Court Athletics Buyer's Guide