Tennis court construction is a much easier process than you think, especially with Neave Sports. You’ll work with a single contact point who will help you design your tennis court and coordinate all the construction teams required to install it. Accessories such as perimeter fencing, lighting, tennis posts and nets can also be installed through Neave Sports so we are your one stop shop! All you need to bring are the racquets and tennis balls!

Surface Options

The surface of a tennis court can seriously change the game. From how you move on the court, to how high and how fast the ball bounces all depend on the surface you choose. That’s why Neave Sports offers a wide range of tennis court surface options.

We offer concrete, pavement,  acrylic as well as premium court tiles from Flex Court. Neave Sports also builds real grass, synthetic turf, real clay and synthetic clay options as well! Click here to find out more about all the amazing tennis court surfaces we offer, along with some of their advantages. We also encourage you to discuss your tennis court surface choices with your Neave Group expert.

Parks and Recreation, Commercial, and Educational Institutions

If you own a commercial property, or manage a public tennis court and are looking to complete a larger project, Neave Sports is the perfect place for the job. We’re equipped to offer you professional installation at your sports complex, training facility, school, park or country club. All you have to do is contact us today and we can begin reviewing the project with you.

Whether you’re a residential owner or a commercial property manager, contact us at Neave Sports to inquire further about our incredible tennis court surfaces and professional installation so you can be out there smashing serves and volleying drop shots in no time.

Flex Court Athletics Buyer's Guide