Neave Storm Water was born out of necessity at Neave Group since many of our customers were experiencing drainage issues. We spent so much time inspecting and resolving these problems that it became obvious that a specialized group was required to focus specifically on storm water, drainage and risk management. This allows us to have a dedicated team that focuses specifically on finding the perfect solution to your drainage problem.

We’ve discovered over time that flooding and environmental damage can serve as a symptom to a much larger issue. Our Neave Storm water technicians work tirelessly during the site analysis to determine the root cause of your drainage problem. It is important to us that we get it right the first time, so that you don’t experience any unwanted property damage. When you’re with Neave Storm Water, you are with the very best.

After the site analysis, we review solutions that will help resolve your personal situation. We offer a variety of basic and complex drainage systems that allow you to rest easy when Mother Nature is at her absolute worst. These include the following:

We like to think of ourselves as the unsung hero of Neave Group. During many landscaping projects, pool installations and renovations that our sister divisions perform, we will be brought in to inspect the drainage situation of any given property. If you are already working with Neave Group in some capacity then please ask about our services so that we can proactively prepare your property for the rainy season and ensure that you avoid paying out of pocket to repair damage that could’ve been avoided.

Neave Storm Water is a specific branch of dedicated specialists that are here to help you resolve any and all drainage problems that you have. We proudly serve commercial and residential property owners of the New York and Connecticut areas. We are the very best when it comes to storm water management, and our trained professionals are there to make sure that you get the very best results. Our dedication to our customers, along with our unrivaled professional services, make Neave Storm Water the perfect partner when battling the elements and defending your property.