We treat every client as an individual because we know that every drainage problem is unique. Each will require a different combination of solutions for maximum results, which is why we perform a detailed site analysis of your property before the start of any project. It is our goal to build a trusted relationship with each of our clients, and we know that can only happen when you are completely satisfied with the service that you receive from us. That’s why the first step you’ll take with Neave Storm Water is a site analysis. You’ll schedule a convenient time for a technician to visit your property so that we can familiarize ourselves with your drainage problems. For the best results, we recommend scheduling these visits during the wet season, or after a particularly heavy rainfall so that we can see the symptoms of your drainage issues first hand. Anyone can spot a flooded basement or a standing pool of water in your backyard that’s not supposed to be there. However, these can also be symptoms of a much larger problem that the untrained eye can not see. Most of the time, the most dangerous problems can exist in the sub-level water. Our professional technicians are trained according to the highest possible industry standards so that they can assess your drainage problem to the fullest extent and relieve you of any undue stress when it comes to stormwater affecting your property. A complete site analysis is necessary so that we understand what is causing your drainage problem. Before we take any further steps in the process, you and your Neave Storm Water technician will sit down and discuss the best solutions available to you. Below are some of the drainage solutions we provide:

We view it as our duty to offer you the best drainage solutions in the New York and Connecticut areas. By performing a thorough site analysis, we don’t just put a band-aid on a symptom – we address and resolve the actual cause of your drainage problem. Contact us today to schedule a site analysis from Neave Storm Water and discover the peace of mind you can achieve when working with the best professionals in the industry.