An elegant way to add both life and interest to your backyard is to create a fish pond. Certain types of fish are especially helpful in specific areas since they act as a natural predator to specific pests and insects that inhabit your backyard space. Neave Aquatics can not only help you build a fully customized fish pond for your backyard, or commercial property. Beyond that we can help you select the perfect fish for your new water feature!

A Fish PondWhen you first meet your Neave Aquatics contractor, you can discuss the types of fish you with to have in your pond as well as the design of the pond itself. Your contractor will outline all of the required systems to ensure that your fish pond operates at a functional level while offering a safe and sustainable eco-system for your new fish. The design process will include determining the best components for your fish pond, as well as all the accessory elements such as stonework, walkways, lighting and plant life that will give your new backyard water feature a look you will love.

Designing and building your fish pond is the beginning of your relationship with Neave Aquatics. We also offer fish pond maintenance services that can be scheduled on a routine or per-event basis depending on your needs. Larger fish ponds will require more frequent visits. The maintenance service can include inspection of all your fish pond systems, water cleaning and balancing, plant life pruning and control and repairs to any part of your fish pond that require fixing. We even offer winterizing services for those of you that live in colder climates and can easily offer safe options for your fish during the winter. Neave Aquatics is a complete service from beginning to end.

The best way to figure out which types of fish are perfect for your new pond is to contact Neave Aquatics today! Our staff is ready and waiting to help you design your new fish pond and are prepared to answer any questions you may have.