O'Donnel Fountain Water fountains are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. We offer water fountains for a variety of different uses that will compliment the personality of your commercial or residential property. Imagine having a majestic courtyard fountain as the ideal center piece of your entryway. Consider a simplistic fountain, bubbling tranquility through your backyard. Neave Aquatics can help you design, install and maintain a water fountain of any size or scale. The beauty of fountains is not just in their visual appeal, but in their ability to be placed nearly anywhere on your property. They can fit in to large driveways, on your patio, and even within ponds or gunite pools. There is essentially an endless limit to the functionality and style of this type of water feature. We’re sure that you have a vision in mind for your water fountain, and we are more than capable of turning that dream in to a reality. A few basic types of water fountains are found below. Each type requires a certain set of component parts, which can vary between water pumps and flow systems that allow the fountain to maintain its functionality. These all depend on the type of water fountain you select.

Outdoor Fountains
This is the type of water fountain that most people think of when preparing for a property enhancement. They are available in a massive range of materials and styles and are available at many different price points. Outdoor fountains are a great way to add to the beauty and character of your backyard.
Floating Fountains
A very popular choice for commercial properties such as golf courses, floating fountains appear to rest gently on the surface of larger ponds or reservoirs. They recycle the surrounding water through the spout to create simple and elegant designs as the water flows through the air and back down. Neave Aquatics can design floating fountains that can achieve the exact look you are hoping for.
Disappearing Fountain
This type of water feature is technically an enclosed circuit. Water will spillover from the fountain in to an underground basin where it is then recirculates. These fountains receive their name since the water looks as if it “disappears” over the sides.
Wall Fountains
The cascading effect of a wall mounted fountain is both peaceful and adds a smoothness to the ambience that you can’t find with any other type of water feature. Neave Aquatics offers both stock wall fountains and fully customized designs so that you can properly match the scheme of your current architecture. These are available for both residential and commercial properties.
Floor Fountain
Offering a value that few other fountains can, floor fountains are free standing structures that can be placed virtually anywhere. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, offering that blissful sound that you’re looking for. Floor fountains are typically self contained units that are placed indoors, but they are also a great option for patios and decks.
Bubbling Fountains
Using a lower pressure gauge than other fountains, bubbling fountains are ideal for a more unassuming look. As the name implies, the water “bubbles” at the top of the fountain for a calmer sound. These can be installed in pools, ponds and as free standing structures.

Beyond the fountains listed above, we have a massive variety of fountains in our stock selection. Our premier design team can also custom build fountains to your preferences. Neave Aquatics is capable of servicing any scope of clientele from the small residential home owner to the large scale golf and country clubs. Our complete service is unmatched in the New York and Connecticut areas and includes custom design, installation and maintenance packages. Beyond that, we can winterize your water fountains as well! Neave Aquatics is your one stop shop for all water features and water fountains! We can integrate designs in to your new or existing pool, offer free standing structures in your backyard or create a imperial style fountain right in your driveway. The style is completely up to you. Contact us today to get started on your water fountain installation today!