Streams are a wonderful decorative idea for your backyard or commercial property. They add a touch of serenity to your outdoor space, while also offering the tranquil sound of slowing water. Neave Aquatics can create streams that embrace a natural look, or have we can build modern streams to properly accent the personality of your current property.

Backyard Stream

Backyard streams can either be self-contained systems or take advantage of existing water features you wish to have as well. Imagine a stream that takes advantage of the natural water flow created by a nearby creek or river. Decorate your stream with rocks, plant life and stone work that gives it the appeal you’ve always dreamed for your property. Neave Aquatics can also create streams that flow directly in to your pool, isolating the water flow in an enclosed system.

With Neave Aquatics, you can go a step further with streams. Our seamless integration with other Neave Group divisions, such as Neave Landscaping and Neave Carpentry, allow us the opportunity to offer you magnificent structures that will accent your backyard stream like no other. Build a quaint bridge that passes over your backyard stream so you can enjoy the sights and sounds. Design a dock-style patio on the edge of your stream for a tranquil sitting area. The are many options that we can explore when we engage in the design phase of your new backyard stream. Streams can even be designed to integrate with other drainage systems and water features in your backyard to maximize functionality.

If you have a drainage issue you wish to address, then consider dry creeks. While not technically a stream, dry creeks are another decorative landscape feature that can serve as a drainage solution. They are typically shallow troughs that either redirect water to a particular area, or allow runoff to permeate in to the ground water at an acceptable rate. This prevents storm water overflow manifesting in the form of large puddles in your backyard. The troughs are also filled with various stones and rocks which allow the water to be filtered naturally before it re-enters the ground water. By cleaning contaminants from runoff, the health and quality of the ground water is improved vastly.

Streams are a choice for a homeowner that lend themselves to a particular visual interest that few backyards have. We can create backyard streams on any scale depending on your desires and your property. Contact us today to discover how simple it is to add a backyard stream to your outdoor space!