One of the best ways to offer a tranquil vibrance to your backyard is to install a water garden. These typically shallow ponds offer a sustainable environment for aquatic plant life such as lotuses, irises or water lilies. A Water Garden will bring nature into your outdoor spaces by adding the sights and sounds of water. Adding a Water Garden to your landscape will change your lifestyle. After a long stressful day at the office, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the edge of your pond, listening to the tranquil sounds of your waterfall. Neave Aquatics can design water gardens that are specific to your backyard, giving you a chance to have a unique vantage that nobody else will have.

A water garden with waterfall and gazebo

Water Gardens are available in an assortment of sizes and variations. There are three main types of water gardens for you to choose from:

  • ponds
  • fountains
  • pondless waterfalls

Each of these can be accented with stepping stone walk ways, bridges, fountains, lighting, wetlands, aquatic plantings and many other additions that will improve its visual aesthetic.

Each of these types of water gardens can be built to match your desired aesthetic. We can create your water garden to be sunken or raised, and design them to be either more natural appearing or have a more modern look. Your Neave Aquatics contractor will be able to guide you through the design phase to achieve the look and visual appeal that you are hoping for.

Water gardens are an excellent opportunity to upgrade commercial properties as well. They offer a peaceful and visually uplifting appeal to institutions such as restaurants and office buildings. Neave Aquatics is fully capable of servicing commercial properties of any scale and can install larger, or multiple, water gardens to a commercial property with incredible efficiency.

Once your water garden has been designed to your liking, we will professionally install it in full. Neave Aquatics also offers water garden maintenance services that can be scheduled on a per-event or routine basis. Neave Aquatics contractors not only specialize in the design, construction and maintenance of water gardens but they are also educated on various aquatic plant life.

Aquatic plants are divided into three catergories:

Submerged plants live under water, while their blossoming flowers float delicately on top of the water surface. Submerged aquatic plants are an excellent idea if you are making plans for a fish pond because they oxygenate the water.
Floating water plants do not anchor themselves to any fixed point, and instead flow freely on the water’s surface. These include water hyacinths, water lettuce and mosquito ferns. They are excellent at reducing algae growth in your pond because of the shade they provide within the depths of the water garden allowing for cleaner and healthier water.
Marginal water plants grow above water, but their roots will be submerged, making them a cross between floating and submerged. These include the very popular iris, arrowhead and cardinal flower.

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