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When you have an outdoor permanent structure in your yard, you have an instant wow factor. outdoor carpentryWhether it’s a pool house, gazebo, or a pergola, they are a great way to delivering a beautiful and welcoming environment that matches your luxurious lifestyle. Now, if you really want to add some flair and function to your outdoor living space, and let’s be honest, we know you do, there are plenty of great features you can add to your structure that will make your yard the place to be all summer long. Let’s take a closer look at some of these great features that will help elevate the look of your outdoor structure.

Add a Clear or Cedar Roof to Your Pergola

Pergola’s are a stunning outdoor structure that provides an airy and inviting space for your friends and family to dine, relax, and enjoy a beautiful summer day. Pergola Cedar Roof neave carpentryPergola’s typically have an open roof but one trend we are seeing more of lately is adding a roof to enclose it – and many people are choosing a clear or cedar roof. Clear roof panels will help keep the airy feel and allow more natural sunlight to get into the space, plus they are easy to maintain. Cedar roofs do a great job of adding a rustic and unique look to your pergola and one of the best benefits of cedar is it’s an eco-friendly material. Cedar provides a natural insulation and will allow cooler temperatures on those hot summer days. Plus, there are many beautiful shades of cedar you can choose from to make the pergola stand out.

Track Screens

One of the best ways to enclose your gazebo or other outdoor structure is with track screens. Gazebo by neave carpentryIf you want to truly enjoy your outdoor structure this summer, you should use track screens to act as windows because it will help keep those insects out of your way, making your structure a place you can relax any time of the day. They are really helpful at dusk when gnats and mosquitoes are most active.

Ceiling Fans

Relaxing in your gazebo, pool house, or pergola should always be enjoyable, even when the temperature starts to rise. Gazebo Fan by neaveYou don’t want to be uncomfortable and sweating in your outdoor structure, so we recommend adding a ceiling fan to help cool you down. Ceiling fans are less costly compared to air conditioning and there are many unique designs that can add more personal style to the space – it’s functional comfort at it’s finest.

Outdoor TV

It’s never a bad idea to add some entertainment to your outdoor space. Living in the Northeast means you only get a handful of months to enjoy the great outdoors, Outdoor TV from neaveso why not make an outdoor structure that serves as another living space? Adding a TV to your structure gives you another area where friends and family can gather and watch your favorite movies or your favorite baseball team, while still enjoying the outside weather. Plus, come on, who doesn’t want to lounge and watch TV in their gazebo or pergola all day long?

Ready to Upgrade Your Outdoor Structure? Trust Neave Carpentry to Help.

Having an outdoor permanent structure with added features is the perfect way to bring more value and outdoor entertainment to your space. If you’re looking to build a gazebo, pergola, arbor, pool house or any outdoor structure, and add great features to them, let the professionals at Neave Carpentry deliver exactly what you need. Neave Carpentry’s exceptional design and construction teams are second to none at providing you with the best customer service and craftsmanship in New York and Connecticut. We offer complete services and can help you with finding the structure and features that will be the highlight of your outdoor living space.

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