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I know — you’re busy. It’s tough work being a homeowner these days! Think Santa’s been making a list and checking it twice?

You’ve been doing it for the whole family and then some, and suddenly Thanksgiving has passed and the days in December are passing so quickly that you can practically feel the kids’ winter break breathing down your neck.

So the stockings aren’t quite hung by the chimney with care. Time to take some quick steps to make your home more festive.

Here are four last minute decorating ideas for Christmas from the Neave Décor team that don’t involve a single trip to the holiday superstore.

String up your christmas cards

Don’t have holiday decorations for your home, you say? Not true! Look no further than your trusty metal mailbox for all the Christmas décor you need.

Put those family Christmas cards to good use, whether they’re yours from through the years or just arrived in the mail from friends near and far. Those multicolored greetings, hung with clothespins from a simple line across your living room, kitchen, or anywhere that needs a little holiday cheer, will look amazing.

Improvise a tree

Didn’t make it to the Christmas tree farm this year? Skip the greens and ornaments, and create a classy spin on a tree right on your wall instead.

Hang frames and other curios on the wall in a Christmas tree’s signature shape, and arrange your gifts (and even furniture) around it for a fresh take on the ubiquitous evergreen. The second we saw this on Pinterest, we wanted to give it a try.

Whether you create the look on graduated shelves or create it with picture hangers and other unconventional hanging items, these holiday decorations for your home can add so much to your space.

Make pomanders

Who actually eats fruit anyway? Find a new use for old produce and create a striking, old-fashioned holiday display that also smells incredible. Oranges studded with whole cloves, also known as pomanders, have been holiday staples for a long time.

The best part: The whole family can work together to create a whole bowl of pomanders as a fun project. Add your cloves in a fun pattern or even your family’s initials to personalize your holiday decorations for your home.

Your pomanders should last a while if you let them dry and cure throughout the holiday season!

Bust out the plaid

Chic retailers have been using cozy flannels and blankets in their holiday displays for ages. Take a page out of their handbook and create a plaid vignette of your own.

Got some old blankets or even a set of flannel sheets? Fold them up and make a warm textile pile. Your husband’s old work shirts? A picnic tablecloth? The sky’s the limit.

Cut a few evergreen boughs from outside, add a few jar candles, and you’ve got a woodsy corner of décor you may never want to take down.

Or, go with our favorite last-minute solution to holiday decorations for your home: Call the professionals at Neave Décor (NOT on Christmas eve :-). It’s our job — year round! — to help our customers make their homes look their best during the holidays, whether it’s a special Valentine’s Day experience or decking the halls for Christmas.

Put Neave Décor’s experts to work and relax as we transform your home, indoors or out, into a winter wonderland.

If you’re in Hudson Valley, call (845) 463-0592. In Westchester, contact us at (914) 271-7996; call (203) 212-4800 from Connecticut. Time is running out, but it’s not too late to add holiday decorations for your New York or Connecticut home! Let’s get started today.

Image credits: Loisaida Nest, Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive

neave holiday lighting tip sheet book

FREE Holiday Guide

Download our FREE Lighting & Decorating Guide to start decorating your house like a pro!

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