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Professional designers know things the rest of us don’t.

Neave Decor designer Kathleen Neave has decorated hundreds of homes and businesses for the holidays, creating sparkling, innovative holiday decor throughout New York and Connecticut.

They share some of their best indoor and outdoor holiday decorating tips for decking the halls this season.

Pro tips ahead — you’ll want to take notes.

Indoor Holiday Decorating Tips From The Designers

Christmas decorating ideas for New York

You spend most of the holidays inside, so every cozy corner of your home should sparkle and shine. Neave shares her best decorating tips, from mantle to staircase to towering treetop.

Dress Up Wreaths And Garland To Dazzle

Pinecones and berries are fine, but designers go way beyond the ho-hum to really add pizzazz to holiday greenery.

“Glittery picks, ornaments, ribbon — you can really have fun with your indoor wreaths and garland,” Neave says. “Dress them up to suit your unique personality and style.”

Kids in the house? Wire on small toys.

Bird watcher? Tuck in real or faux feathers and small ornamental birds.

“There’s really no limit to what you can do,” Neave says. “They should be a reflection of your family’s personality. Don’t skimp on the goodies. Really pack them in.”

Go Deluxe With Tree Toppers

tree-topper“The trend for tree toppers is away from simple stars,” Neave says. “They’re much more complex, with a number of elements.”

Tuck in glittery botanical picks, a cascade of vibrant ribbon, feathers, beads — or whatever matches your personal style.

Think Beyond Traditional Garland And Wreaths

“If you have a space between two windows where no decor seems to fit, a teardrop evergreen swag might be the perfect solution,” Neave says.

Faux wreaths and greenery come in all shapes and sizes these days, from square to oval to monogram letters.

Choose Artificial Greenery — You’ll Thank Us

We know — the real stuff smells fantastic and makes your house look like an L.L. Bean catalog. But it starts to break down soon after you put it up, especially in homes where the heat is turned up. Needles drop. Colors fade. Boughs sag.

“When I put up artificial greenery, it looks as good on Christmas Day when you take your family photos as the day I put it up,” Neave says.

“If you really want that evergreen scent, you can get it with scented candles,” Neave adds.

Think Beyond Red And Green

A pop of an unexpected color — think turquoise, orange, yellow or lime green — can easily update your holiday look, Neave says.

“Ribbon is great for this,” she suggests.

Another ribbon trend that’s still going strong: burlap. Add it to your wreaths, garland or tree for an instant update.

Focus On Your Entry

If you can’t deck the whole house for the holidays, focus on your entryways, Neave suggests.

“You want your home to be welcoming,” she says. “Rather than scatter a few decorations here and there, do a nice job on your front entry.”

Toss Your Tired Old Decor

Just because your wreaths and garland are faux, not real, doesn’t mean they last forever, Neave says.

“When they get matted, replace them,” she says. “And when the lights on your tree go out, don’t just add new ones on. Take the old ones off and toss them.”

Outdoor Holiday Decorating Tips From The Designers

Decorating the outside of your home is a gift you give yourself and anybody who passes by during the holiday season.

What do Neave designers do to add outdoor dazzle?

RGB Lighting

RGB is the latest in lighting techniques and it’s here in full force for the holidays. It stands for red, green and blue, which sounds simple enough. But these three colors combined, when varied in intensity, have the ability to produce millions of different colors.

These high-tech lighting systems have built-in Wi-fi receivers, remote controls to change the effects at whim, and limitless color and design options.

“You can change the colors with the click of a button with your smartphone,” Neave says. “Make them twinkle, flash, run. Make them blue today, red tomorrow, green and gold next week.”

Try out unexpected color combinations, Neave suggests.

“We did red and yellow lights for one client and it looked really great,” she says.

Can’t bear to give up all your white lights?

“Just add one tree in color, for fun,” Neave suggests.

Large-Scale Outdoor Decor

Think big. Life-size toy soldiers. Towering lighted trees — even if you don’t have a single pine in your yard.

Neave loves large-scale steel frame “trees” decked in lights.

“Maybe you live in a new house and your trees and shrubs are still small,” she says. “You can have a 9, 10 or 12-foot ‘tree’ that looks great lit up at night.”

Choose giant lighted candy canes to form an arch over your front door. Or stack a pile of over-sized colorful gift boxes, tied up in bows. All weatherproof, of course, for outdoor use.

This large-scale decor is great for shopping centers and commercial properties, but homeowners should consider it for front yard displays, too, the designers say.

Balance Night And Daytime Decor

Sure, everybody loves lights at night but you want your house to look festive during the day, too, Neave says. Balance that glittery nighttime decor with pieces that shine in the daylight.

Maybe an elegant grapevine reindeer or an oversized wreath. They look great whether or not the lights are on.

Why Trust Your Holiday Decor To Neave?

Lots of reasons.

Our expert designers know all the current trends and Christmas decorating ideas for New York.

We can ease you out of your holiday decor doldrums and update your look with the latest colors and designs.

We have access to holiday decor created specifically for us. You won’t see the same decor at your neighbor’s house. Our designers tailor your holiday decor to you, your taste, your home and your budget. It’s completely customized.

No muss, no fuss — we put everything up, perfectly. Then, after the holidays, we take it all down and stow it away. You don’t lift a finger.

Our professional crew gets the job done in just a few hours.

Give Us A Call

Kathy NeaveNeave Decor has beautified New York and Connecticut homes and business for the holidays for more than a decade. Our custom decorative services and professional installation are available for both residential and commercial customers, so whether you need your home properly preened for the holidays or your office prettied up to celebrate the season, Neave is a perfect choice.

If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call us at (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call (914) 271-7996; Manhattan dial (212) 368-9954; from Connecticut, dial (203) 212-4800. Or, fill out our simple web form, and we’ll contact you about setting up your free consultation.

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