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Christmas light display at Knights of Columbus headquarters
More than 60,000 lights were used in this holiday lighting display for the Knights of Columbus international headquarters in New Haven, CT.

What would you do with sixty-thousand Christmas lights?

It’s a question we found ourselves asking when we were tasked with doing the outdoor holiday décor for the Knights of Columbus international headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut.

Because their building is currently undergoing some major renovations, our lighting job had to bring attention away from the building, into the trees near their main entrance park. And that’s how we ended up putting sixty-thousand mini LED lights to work in this big, bright job.

The project took about a week to complete. Our expert crews installed everything by hand, from bucket trucks to specialty ladders. The result: a brilliant lights display that will keep the Knights of Columbus (and their visitors) merry throughout the holiday season.

Do you like to use lights when you decorate for the holidays? What would you do with sixty-thousand of them?

If you’re stumped on what to do beyond the basic strings-in-straight-lines routine, we’ve got eight holiday lighting ideas for you so you can give those twinklers a new life in your holiday décor.

Wrap them around a tree

Create a striking display by wrapping your trees’ trunks and major limbs with strings of miniature lights. After your trees’ leaves have fallen, stringing the lights will be a relatively easy job.

By night, you’ll have a structural masterpiece in your landscape that will captivate passersby.

Bring attention to a landscape structure

Lights along the outline of your house are lovely, but why not draw some attention to the smaller structures on your property? Consider adding lights to an arbor, pergola or even fencing to bring to light some other areas that are usually seen only by day.

Light up a topiary

Some homeowners love to prune their boxwoods and other shrubs into sculpted topiaries in geometric shapes and even animals. Imagine those lions, tigers, squares and bears all lit up — oh my!

Take your Christmas tree outside

In a departure from the white mini-lights, go retro with large multicolored bulbs and deck out the biggest evergreen tree in your front lawn. Whether you add oversized glass balls and a star on top is up to you.

Get animated

Animated light shows set to music have become a YouTube sensation in the past few years. And yes, we’ve done a few residential jobs. Click on this link to see for yourself!

Light the way home

Luminarias have been popular for homeowners looking to create a bright path up their front walk when entertaining during the holidays. If you have strings of weatherproof outdoor lights, you could create a star-studded walkway to your front door with twinkle lights instead of paper bags filled with sand and candles!

Just add swag

Christmas tree light display

We love the look of lighted evergreen garlands during the holidays. Create a lighted entryway by wrapping an evergreen swag in miniature lights and drape it over your front door frame.

Do you have stairs leading up to your front door? Wrap the banister and add red velvet bows for a Victorian flair.

Even put together, these nine ideas for using lights in your holiday décor might still not take your total to 60,000 lights, but you’ll be well on your way — and you’ll have a beautifully twinkling Christmas display to boot.

Looking for help creating a winter wonderland in your landscape — or indoors — this holiday season? Get in touch with the professionals at Neave Décor.

In the Hudson Valley, call (845) 463-0592, or dial (914) 271-7996 if you’re in Westchester. In Connecticut, call (203) 212-4800. Not a phone person? Fill out our simple web form to the right, and we’ll get in touch with you.

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