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Hopewell Junction sprinkler repairsThey say April showers bring May flowers… But what about when those April showers run out and the weather turns hot and dry? Actually, there’s no predicting what may happen with this year’s spring and summer weather in New York and Connecticut, which is why many homeowners install irrigation systems to automate their watering depending on Mother Nature’s whims of the moment.

But those automated systems require a lot of care and maintenance, and there’s no more important time than now to address the sprinkler repairs that will keep your system running like clockwork no matter what loops the climate throws this year.

Here are the four most important areas in your irrigation system to address for pre-season sprinkler repairs.

Sprinkler repairs area #1: Piping

Depending on the type of irrigation system you have installed, maintenance or replacement of the pipes may be included in your sprinkler repair needs. Your pipes may be clogged, or, in an older system, the material may be corroding or otherwise breaking down.

Sprinkler repairs area #2: Pumps

Whether your pump is running but not delivering water to the heads, the pump runs for a while then shuts off on its own, or — worst of all — your pump isn’t running at all, a faulty pump is definitely one of the top problem areas to address in your annual sprinkler repairs.

Sprinkler repairs area #3: Sprinkler heads

Because the sprinkler heads of your irrigation system have the most contact with the outside world, they can be prone to various issues, including clogging by dirt, grass clippings and more, as well as damage from lawn mowers, weed whackers and other tools.

You’ll need to remove any clogs and repair or replace broken sprinkler heads before the season starts.

Sprinkler repairs area #4: System components

It’s important to ensure the rest of your sprinkler system is in top condition before the need for using it really arises. Beyond the piping, pumps and sprinkler heads, you should perform a thorough inspection of the valves and other mechanical components — as well as the automation system that controls it — to ensure they are in good working order.

Although many of these checks and repairs can be easily performed by handy homeowners, there’s a good chance you’ve made a big investment in your irrigation system. Call in the professionals from Neave Irrigation to take care of your pre-season sprinkler repairs and give you the peace of mind that your irrigation system will remain problem-free throughout the spring and summer.

Call Neave Irrigation at (845) 463-0592 to get started with a complete plan for maintaining your irrigation system, including those pre-season sprinkler repairs. Would you rather have us contact you? Fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page for a free quote and on-site consultation with one of our irrigation professionals.

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