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Property WalkthroughYou’re ready to give your New York or Connecticut property a facelift, or completely reinvent your outdoor space. You’ve got some ideas — and you’ve done some soul searching — but what you need now to get started is a solid plan.

The landscape design process begins with a property walkthrough guided by a professional landscape designer. This thorough, on-foot review of your property is the first, crucial step in planning your New York or Connecticut landscape design. The property walkthrough includes taking a close look at your landscape’s strengths and sore spots, from soil quality to slopes. We’ll also discuss the architecture of your home, your personal style and goals for the property.

The property walkthrough is a time to evaluate what exists in the landscape and imagine the potential for your property before moving on to more specific landscape planning. It’s also a time to talk to your landscape designer about what will work for your property and lifestyle.

Ready to get started?

Your Property’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Your property is a canvas for the landscape—an imperfect one with issues to consider: hills and slopes, soil quality, sun exposure, drainage and more. Also, there are aspects of your landscape you love and want to showcase.

Landscape planning figures in the good, the bad and, well… ultimately turns the weaknesses into assets you can enjoy. For example, a troublesome slope where grass doesn’t want to grow could be transformed into a planting wall using today’s beautiful hardscape materials.

The Style You Love

Landscape planning should figure in the total environment, and that includes the architectural features of your home. A pristine colonial calls for a different design approach than a sleek contemporary house.

You’ll want to infuse your personal style into the landscape: plants you adore, materials you find attractive, plus aesthetics like fire, water and sound that appeal to your senses. Perhaps you’ve spent some time to gather inspiration from websites like Pinterest and Houzz — or maybe you saw a plant in Better Homes & Gardens or an annual at your local garden center that you’re just dying to incorporate into your landscape design. Share those things with your landscape designer during the walkthrough, pointing out where you envision your inspiration becoming a reality.

Not sure what you want? That’s okay, too: The property walkthrough is when your landscape designer will make suggestions.

How You’ll Use Your Outdoor Space

During the property walkthrough, be prepared to talk about how you’ll use your outdoor space. Your landscape designer will ask you lots of questions about how you like to live outdoors and use your landscape, including:

  • Do you prefer large parties or intimate gatherings?
  • What windows do you peer out of often (sight lines)?
  • Are you interested in recreation or relaxation (or both)?

The landscape planning process brings “form,” or structure, to the way you function on the property. We’re talking about patios and decks, paths and walkways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and fire pits, and even your driveway. Neave Masonry can help you design your outdoor space to fit your needs.

Plant Material In Your Landscape

Your property walkthrough will include a close inspection of the plants that already exist in your landscape. What’s thriving — and what’s not?

Planning a landscape design takes into consideration year-round color so you can enjoy your outdoor living space, no matter the season. Ask your landscape designer about drought-tolerant landscapes, vegetable gardens, easily interchangeable container gardens, and ways to accomplish seasonal color.

Maintenance Concerns

How will you care for your landscape once the project is complete? Discuss this during the landscape planning process so your landscape designer can choose plants based on your maintenance mentality. An elaborate vegetable garden will require work, but entire landscapes can be designed using low-maintenance plants.

Hardscapes also require some regular TLC, and the property walkthrough is a perfect time to talk discuss who will maintain that landscape and how. (Many landscape design contractors — including Neave Group — also offer landscape maintenance services.)

While hiring someone to do your landscape maintenance is a significant investment, your time is also worth money, so consider that important fact!

How Far Your Budget Can Take You

Now it’s time to talk budget with your landscape designer. Have a number in mind, even if your dreams are bigger than the amount you can spend.

Remember, most landscape projects are executed in phases, so you can transform your outdoor environment gradually over time.

Talk to your landscape designer about the best place to start.

Ready to Get Started?

Stop dreaming and begin doing! One of Neave Landscaping’s landscape designers can talk to you about the possibilities for your New York or Connecticut landscape and conduct a property walkthrough to answer your questions.

Contact Neave Landscaping from the Hudson Valley at (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call (914) 271-7996; from Connecticut, dial (203) 212-4800. Or, fill out our simple web form, and we’ll contact you for a free consultation.

We’ve got more insight and inspiration to fuel your landscape planning. Download our free Landscape Planning Guide!

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