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Backyard Landscape With Swimming PoolYour outdoor living space is an extension of the home—and a place you can truly make your own with comfortable furniture, kitchen appliances, an edible garden, a pool and spa.

We’ve known for some time that investments in your landscaping, and especially creating a true room outdoors, drive up property value and deliver ROI in the form of creating a staycation destination.

As the outdoor living room movement has evolved, there are more features and materials available. Basically, there’s always something new to make your outdoor space an oasis.

Here’s a look at some 2024 outdoor living trends you’ll want to include in your own backyard.

Upcycled and Mixed Materials

The interlocking concrete paver is a mainstay in the patio world, and we have embraced the functionality, aesthetics and practicality pavers provide. But aside from pavers and natural stone, there are upcycled materials on the market that can form interesting, different outdoor living surfaces. For example, granite removed from kitchens and bathrooms, or granite scrap, is repurposed into paver-sized slabs. Also on trend is mixing materials like wood, copper and natural stone in an overall patio design.

Green Walls

We’re not talking about living walls that result from trellising plants or rows of arborvitae, though these plant-based privacy screens stand the test of time. Instead, consider planter walls—essentially, shelves designed as homes for eclectic pots filled with annuals, perennials, grasses and herbs. Planter walls allow for experimenting with different varieties, and the vertical structure can form an outdoor living room wall.

A Hardwood Floor Look

Outdoor Wooden FloorFor a seamless transition from indoors to the back patio, hardwood flooring designed for the outdoors offers the beauty of wood without the maintenance—no painting or staining. Hudson Valley Style magazine shows off this trend and how the rich colors make a patio feel like a true part of the home.

Covered Spaces

Backyard Pool With Shade StructuresAiry pergolas have evolved into roofed structures that provide even more flexibility for outdoor entertaining year-round, even in New England. Some property owners are opting for windows and fireplaces, creating shade structures that are weather-ready.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

Functional furniture that can serve multiple purposes offers the flexibility to accommodate guests, provide extra storage or keep drinks cool. For example, there are side tables that double as coolers, benches and tables that store seat cushions, and ottomans that can act as footrests, stools or be pushed together into a bench.

Creative Lighting

Landscape lighting such as path lights, spotlights and uplighting extend the time you can spend outdoors. Lighting also accents architecture and plants, and it enhances safety. But there’s more. Hang a funky chandelier over a patio table, incorporate bistro lights into an outdoor bar area, and string LED lights in trees. The same festive appeal restaurants provide for al fresco dining can be accomplished at home with today’s lighting options.

Metallic Finishes

From furniture to lighting and decorative features, we’re seeing more metal on the scene. Copper, brass, chrome and aluminum are cropping up in outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Living Done Right

Your property’s great outdoors is an extension of your home—a place where you entertain, share time with family and unwind with friends. Make the most of outdoor living space design. Looking for ideas? Interested in the latest outdoor living trends? We can help. 

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landscape planning guide neave group cover

FREE Landscape Planning Guide

Download our FREE Landscape Planning Guide and start planning the landscape of your dreams!

Download Now