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spring landscaping tips for New York and ConnecticutIt’s time to come out of hibernation, homeowners.

As we segue from snowy winter to sunny spring, there are plenty of outdoor factors to think about, from new outdoor-living features to the plants you’ll include in this year’s flower beds, and like every year, we’ve got plenty of spring landscaping tips and ideas we can offer you.

There’s a good chance, of course, that you already started imagining the water feature or outdoor game court you’d love to install in your backyard once the ground thaws. And those tattered back issues of Better Homes & Gardens all over the coffee table did not die in vain: Your scrapbook of garden dreams is full — and colorful enough to rival the most avid Pinterest users’!

But the most important considerations to make now actually aren’t aesthetic; they’re preventive! Following these crucial spring landscaping tips now, while the weather’s still chilly, will make the rest of the season easier and allow you to enjoy your landscape more.

Spring Landscaping Tip #1: Clean up your post-winter lawn

Do a thorough spring cleaning on your landscape by removing leaves, branches and snow mold from your lawn and clearing your flower beds of other debris. This will give all your outdoor spaces plenty of air as the ground thaws and room to breathe as growth resumes in earnest.

You should also begin mulching.

Spring Landscaping Tip #2: Begin fertilization and pest control

When you spread your mulch, consider adding a pre-emergent weed control along with it to help keep weeds out of your beds.

Pre-emergent crabgrass control is another helpful addition around this time to protect your lawn. (Commercial applicators are required to wait until April 1 to begin applying pre-emergents, but you don’t have to.)

You might also consider beginning pest-control measures with oil sprays on insects that can infest your garden beds and trees.

Spring Landscaping Tip #3: Ask for help if you need it!

If you’re the do-it-yourself type, you’re probably comfortable acting on these spring landscaping tips on your own. But you can also get in touch with a full-service landscape design and management company like Neave Group Outdoor Solution to help get your lawn in top shape for the height of the spring season.

Reach out to Neave’s landscaping division if you’d like to begin planning your spring landscaping, from design and fertilization to weed control and maintenance. Call us at (845) 463-0592, or complete the web form on the right, and we’ll get right back to you.

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I just want to let you know how happy we are with our lawn renovation. Even though we had been using a commercial lawn care company to fertilize and control weeds, our lawn had been steadily deteriorating. The grass would respond following a fertilization, but it never really thrived. We called Neave last September, they sent Mario to analyze the problems we were having, and he made several suggestions. In addition to a weed preventative and slow acting fertilizer, he highly recommended aerat… Read more
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