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Swimming Pool LightsThere are so many ways to trip in the dark in your backyard: That hole your dog dug. Your kid’s skateboard. The garden hose, coiled like a cobra, ready to strike.
Maybe it’s time to lighten up back there!

The backyard is just the beginning, of course. Customized outdoor lighting can highlight your pool, walkways, garden, outdoor basketball court, entryway and more.

The right lighting not only keeps you safe from sprawls; it also adds a warm, welcoming ambiance and a touch of class.

Here are five areas of your New York or Connecticut landscape that could benefit from outdoor illumination after dark.

#1: Swimming Pool Lights

Ok, so maybe your swimsuit body is less than Sports Illustrated perfect. You sort of like hiding it in the dark. But the right lighting can accentuate the good and downplay the bad. Just like in your landscape.

Safety is the main objective of swimming pool lighting. In most cases, a mix of ground-mounted and wall fixtures do the trick.

When done right, lighting can also beautifully enhance your outdoor pool area.

#2: Outdoor Light Fixtures for Game Court

The right lighting can make your backyard pickup game seem like the NBA playoffs. Plus, think about how much your game will improve once you can actually see the net.

A combination of low-voltage lights and antiglare shields can direct the light just where you need it and keep the light from bugging your neighbors.

#3: Path and Walkway Lights

Flower Bed LightsImagine an evening stroll through your garden, led by a luminous glow. There are lots of options here. Some fixtures cast light on the path while others nestle in the garden bed, highlighting your most striking plants.

The right touch is important. You want the feel of a peaceful stroll — not an invitation for airplanes looking for a landing strip.

#4: Outdoor Lighting Surrounding Garden Plants

With the right lighting, the play of light and shadow can give your favorite plant beauties an entirely new look. Plus, you can enjoy your plants long after the sun sets. Remember that spectacular Crimson Princess Japanese maple you paid a fortune for? Now you can gaze at it lovingly into the night.

Uplighting provided by spotlights accentuates the texture of tree trunks, creating interesting evening artwork. Lit well, your garden becomes a magical spot.

#5: Exterior Light Fixtures for Entryways

Knock-knock. Who’s there? Iva. Iva who? Iva never seen such a pretty front porch!

Groans aside, you get the idea: The perfect entryway lighting generates a sense of drama for your front door. Landscape light fixtures set the mood, welcomes guests with an inviting glow — and offers peace of mind from the threat of intruders.

In addition to fixtures mounted near the front door, entryway lighting includes uplights nestled in the surrounding landscaping and fixtures along the walkway.

You might highlight the landscaping surrounding the entry. If your home has great architectural features like unusual brickwork or stone, shed some light on them for eye-popping curb appeal.

Your front porch could be the neighborhood’s newest hot spot.

Illuminate Your Landscape With Installation Services From Neave Irrigation

The professionals at our landscape lighting company offer the best landscape light installation available in the industry, from landscape lighting design to installation to maintenance services.

Soon you’ll be able to host a backyard dinner without tripping and spilling barbecue sauce all over your boss, and your kids will be able to swim and play long into the evening in the warmth and safety of a customized lighting scheme.

It all starts by meeting a light consultant for a site analysis. We’ll get a sense of your property and your outdoor illumination needs, then launch a plan customized just for you.

If you like to keep things as “green” as possible, we have a variety of energy efficient products. Simply fill out our lighting contractor contact form.

If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call us at 845-463-0592 to schedule your consultation. If you’re in Westchester County, call 914-271-7996; from Connecticut, dial 203-212-4800.

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