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Your backyard should be among your favorite summer spots.

After all, the potential is huge — swimming pool, fire pit, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, game court.

Sounds like a party. But the key to stretching the summer party fun into the night is — you guessed it — lighting.

You don’t want to light up your landscape like a used car lot. Strategic, tasteful lighting creates a sense of safety, ambiance and fun.

So how do you determine where to position landscape lighting for a night of summer fun?

Slip on your flip-flops and let’s take a look.

Deck Lighting

The right lighting can transform your daylight deck into an ambience-filled party central.

The trick here is to keep safety in mind without lighting up your deck so brightly you lose all the evening atmosphere.

First up — tread lights. Install them into your deck steps’ risers between each stepping surface and they’ll shine light just where you need it, onto each step.

They provide just enough illumination to keep people safe, and not too much to distract from the atmosphere.

Next: undercap lights. These are great for built-in seating, like benches. They’re subtle, installed just under the edge of seating. Undercaps spill the perfect amount of light on the deck surface below for safety. No glare — just a warm glow exactly where you need it.

Pool Lighting

Pool lights aren’t just for safe nighttime swimming. They can completely transform your outdoor living space at night.

The rise of LED lighting has had a huge impact on your options.

When it’s time for an evening pool party, LED pool lighting can change colors. Choose a hue that fits your party theme, or program the lights for a custom light show.

Prefer a subtler touch? Downlighting is a great way to wash your pool deck with light that looks natural, as if it’s coming from the moon. There’s an actual name for this: moonlighting. Who doesn’t love a moonlight swim?

If your pool has water features, highlight them with lighting to enjoy them long after dark.

Want to bring up the lights around the pool a bit for a midnight swim? Link your smartphone to your pool’s automation controls to make that switch from the palm of your hand.

Safe, Subtle Fire Pit Lighting

Create safety around your fire pit by tucking lighting beneath the benches that surround it.

Fixtures can snug under the edge of benches and sitting walls to shine down on walking areas to prevent tripping.

Get Your Game On After Dark

Why give up tennis and basketball just because the sun goes down? Lighting your outdoor multi-game court means the fun can last all night long.

While sports courts require brighter, more powerful lights than your typical landscape lighting, Neave Lighting has it covered. Anti-glare shields can direct the light just where you need it to get your game on — and keep the light from annoying your neighbors.

Pergola Lighting

Festive, twinkling lights strung overhead turn an ordinary night into an instant celebration. The sturdy structure of a pergola offers the perfect spot for lighting — and not just for strings of party lights.

Recessed lighting casts just-right light onto your dining table or conversation area.

Consider uplights — they easily attach to the posts of your pergola. Or install them in the floor. The light they cast upward will draw attention to your pergola’s attractive architecture.

Spa Lighting

Don’t worry — no spotlights on your hot tub.

But you and your guests need to make it safely to the spa without tripping in the dark. So light the pathway for safety.

Maybe you have benches nearby that could use a subtle wash of light.

Consider artistically lighting the landscaping that surrounds the spa, drawing attention to pretty trees, shrubs and plantings.

Outdoor Kitchen

Everybody knows party-goers love to gather in the kitchen. Your outdoor kitchen is no different.

Light it up.

You’ll want lights installed over your grill and cooktop. No undercooked pineapple pork, please.

If a pergola covers your kitchen area, mount lights in the beams above, so they shine down on the grill or cooktop.

Be sure you can see what you’re doing. Consider lighting under and inside cabinets and over countertops.

Don’t forget steps and pathways. Nothing ruins a party like a guest who trips in the dark and needs the emergency room.

Leave Your Outdoor Lighting To Neave

The experts at Neave Lighting can set your yard up for that all-night party.

We use the best energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting available in the industry to highlight your pool, outdoor kitchen, deck, fire pit, spa and other party spots.

Designing an exterior light system begins by meeting with a Neave Lighting consultant for a site analysis. We’ll get familiar with your property and offer lighting options to meet your specific needs. Every property is unique, so we custom design and install all of our lighting arrangements.

We’ll work with you to create a well-lit, functional and beautiful outdoor space — ready for summer parties that last well into the night.

If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call us at (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call (914) 271-7996; from Connecticut, dial (203) 212-4800. Or, fill out our simple web form, and we’ll contact you about setting up your free consultation.

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landscape planning guide neave group cover

FREE Landscape Planning Guide

Download our FREE Landscape Planning Guide and start planning the landscape of your dreams!

Download Now