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That swimming pool you installed in your New York or Connecticut landscape is far too big an investment just to disregard during the many months out of the year when you can’t actually use it.

A swimming pool this beautiful requires year-round maintenance.
A swimming pool this beautiful requires year-round maintenance.

Neglecting your swimming pool during the off-season just means more work for you when all you really want to do is go for a swim or relax with your family. So while trekking out into the backyard in the dead of winter to inspect your swimming pool cover may be at the bottom of your list now…it’s well worth it for the time and effort you’ll save come summer.

Here’s a look at 50 essential swimming pool maintenance tasks to keep your pool in good working order year round.

Opening the Pool Before Summer

This is your opportunity to check your backyard swimming pool for any issues that may have taken place during the winter. When you open your pool for the summer, you’ll also give it a thorough cleaning to ensure the safest, most pleasant swimming conditions for you and your family.

  1. Remove, clean and store the cover
  2. Lower pool cover anchors into the deck
  3. Reinstall any parts stored for the winter
  4. Fill the pool
  5. Clean the filter
  6. Start the pump
  7. Adjust salt levels, if you have a salt water pool
  8. Perform initial chemical and balancing tests
  9. Test fire heater
  10. Make adjustments to heater settings, if necessary
  11. Inspect equipment — especially the heater — for rodent damage
  12. Inspect all O-rings and seals for dry rot over the winter
  13. Walk the pool through all modes of operation to insure proper functionality
  14. Start up pool controls
  15. Adjust pool controls as needed
  16. Remove plugs from pool and install fittings
  17. Prime the pool pump
  18. Install and test all safety equipment associated with the pool
  19. Skim pool

During the Summer — Peak Swimming Season

This is the most consistent maintenance you’ll perform throughout the year. Proper maintenance during the summer will not only ensure the best swimming conditions during peak season; it will also help you minimize the amount of maintenance you’ll have to do later on.

  1. Check and balance the chemicals
  2. Monitor equipment
  3. Skim the pool
  4. Brush the pool walls
  5. Vacuum the pool
  6. Monitor heater fuel source levels
  7. Monitor water levels and add water if necessary
  8. Clean auto-cover off (if you have one)
  9. Keep the pool deck area clean and safe
  10. Check all safety equipment for proper functionality
  11. Monitor salt level, if you have a saltwater pool system

Closing the Pool and Maintaining During the Off-Season

Want a smooth opening process and pleasant swimming season? Following the proper steps to close the pool and maintain it during the offseason is absolutely essential.

  1. Blow out all lines thoroughly to make sure all water is out of your system — and prevent damage from freezing during the winter
  2. Airlock main drains
  3. Plug main drains
  4. Plug all fittings
  5. Remove fittings from the pool
  6. Drain heater
  7. Drain pumps
  8. Remove baskets from skimmers
  9. Install winter cover
  10. Clean auto-cover vault, if you have one
  11. Drain water to a safe level
  12. Skim, brush, and vacuum pool
  13. Add proper winterization chemicals
  14. Be proactive! Review all equipment for failure or problems
  15. Clean out filters and make repairs and replacements as necessary
  16. Monitor water level
  17. Keep cover clean/free of debris
  18. Inspect cover for rips and damage
  19. Test and monitor chemical levels

Keeping count of the number of points we’ve added here? If so, you’re right…we’ve only mentioned 49 swimming pool maintenance tasks.

The 50th just might be the most important of those tasks: Put Neave Pools on your speed dial. Neave’s swimming pool professionals can help you see to all these maintenance tasks and everything else you need for a perfectly functioning pool — both when you’re longing for warmer weather and when you’re ready to cool off with a quick dip.

If you’re in Hudson Valley, call (845) 463-0592. Westchester, call (914) 271-7996. Cold Spring, call (845) 463-0592, and in Connecticut, call (203) 212-4800. Or fill out the handy web form on this page, and we’ll get in touch with you to schedule a complimentary swimming pool consultation.

You can also download our FREE Swimming Pool Design Guide to find more inspiration and ideas.

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