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Your pool is closed up tight for the winter, all tucked in with the cover on. Now all you have to do is wait for spring. Meet you by the fireplace!

Not so fast.

Pool maintenance doesn’t end when you close up the pool for the winter. Your pool has a few needs even while the snow piles up. And here in New York, it does pile up.

Pay attention to winter pool maintenance and you’ll have a quicker, easier — and cleaner — opening come spring.

Let’s take a look at winter pool maintenance in New York:

Protect The Water

When the temperature falls, microorganism reproduction slows down, but it doesn’t stop completely. That means you need a winterizing product to fight the growth of microorganisms.

Keep the correct pH levels in your pool water throughout the winter and your water will be healthier when you open your pool in the spring.

Pro tip: Use a winterization product that consists of algaecides and is meant to work for an extended period of time.

Keep The Cover Clean

winter pool maintenance tips

Keep the top of your pool cover free from leaves and twigs. Remove any leaves stuck beneath the edge of the cover and the straps. Use a leaf blower, or gently use your leaf net or pool brush to clean the surface periodically.

If debris accumulates throughout the winter, you can end up with a yucky stew of stagnant water. It’s a mess to remove and some of it can end up in the pool.

A clean pool cover will also deter chipmunks, squirrels, and birds from scampering across it, potentially creating a mess. If there’s no debris on top, they won’t head there to look for acorns or worms.

Keep Snow Off The Cover

Snow is heavier than it looks, so it’s important to keep it from piling up on your pool cover.

Use a long broom to push the snow off the cover. Don’t use a shovel or anything with sharp edges that could damage the cover.

Maintain The Water Level

winter pool maintenance in new yorkThe proper winter water level for your pool depends on the type of pool and cover you have.

In general, your pool’s water level shouldn’t be too low in the winter. For example, if you get a foot of snow but the water in the pool isn’t high enough to support the cover, the cover could get damaged.

The water level shouldn’t be too high, either. If it comes in contact with decorative tiles, the freeze and thaw cycle can damage the tiles.

Your pool professional can advise you on the proper winter water level for your particular pool and cover, so you can keep an eye on the water level throughout the winter.

Open The Pool Earlier

You’re not going to argue with this tip, right? Fungi and algae grow quicker in warm water. Open your pool and start treating the water before the water gets too warm to ward off the gunk that loves to grow there.

Leave Your Winter Pool Needs To Neave

winter pool care for new yorkThe experts at Neave Pools offer the same top-quality pool maintenance for your pool in the winter as we do in the summer.

Your pool may have the winter off, but we’re still hard at work, tending to all of the important aspects of winter pool care in New York.

Our popular Winter Service Program covers all your pool’s winter maintenance needs.

Our experts will visit your pool every 5 to 6 weeks from November through April to:

  • Confirm the pool cover is secure.
  • Make sure water is at the correct level.
  • Monitor snow levels on the cover to prevent damage.
  • Complete water tests to ensure that chemicals are balanced. Then we’ll adjust them if needed. This will maintain clear water for less wear on liners and plaster finishes and a faster opening in the spring.

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new york connecticut swimming pool maintenance checklist

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FREE Pool Design Guide

Download our FREE 25-page Swimming Pool Design Guide and create a perfect paradise in your backyard.

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