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Inground Pool and Bright Yellow FlowersYou’re driving home from work, stuck in traffic, thinking about making the day’s stress disappear by taking a dip into a warm pool with the relaxing sounds of a waterfall. You imagine walking out your back door into a vacation spot of your very own—and the water’s ready for you to enjoy.

This is a reality with today’s pool technology.

Pool automation allows you to automatically adjust your pool temperature throughout the day. Swimming pool control systems can automatically add chemicals so the water is perfectly balanced. Pool and spa technology also includes systems alerts that let you know if there’s a potential leak, or when to clean a pool filter. (In fact, the system can alert your pool service company so you don’t have to worry about a thing.)

Some basic pool automation features include:

  • Automating filtration, sanitation, and cleaning
  • Variable speed pool pumps that can be connected to pool automation systems
  • UV light systems that help reduce and control algae, viruses, bacteria, and organic matter
  • Pool chemistry automation to maintain optimum water balance

Automatic pool and spa cleaning systems

While a pool and spa are never “set it and forget it,” the pool automation and technology available today is making it easier than ever to maintain a pool and spa—and to have your outdoor space ready for you to soak in the fun and relaxation at your convenience.

Pool Automation—The Master Control

smart phone controls pool and spa temperature and lighting The brain of your pool system is software and a dashboard that allows you to operate pool equipment via an app. It sounds complicated, but the pool technology actually makes monitoring and maintaining your pool simple. The master control can be linked to a home monitoring system, too.

So, you could control your entire outdoor living environment, from the pool and spa to water features and lighting. Pool systems are linked to the pool automation software so you can use a single app to control filtration, pool chemistry, pool, and spa lighting, and even cleaning.

Efficient Pool and Spa Pumps

You’ll save energy (and money) with today’s variable speed pool pumps that allow you to control pump speed. This is important because while the pool is in use, you’ll want to enjoy spa jets and waterfalls. However, if you’re not home, you don’t need to waste energy running these pumps at high speed. By connecting a variable speed pool pump to your pool automation system, you can program when you want jets and waterfalls to run at full speed vs. when these features can be dialed down. The latest pool pumps help maintain water quality and improve the overall efficiency of your pool system.

Monitor and Adjust Pool Water Chemistry

Maintaining pool chemistry can be a tricky balance. Water makeup changes every time a swimmer enters the pool, and whenever debris finds its way in. Pool chemistry is always changing—but you can keep it stable and at optimum levels with systems that automatically monitor and adjust pool chemical levels. You can receive alerts when the pH is off, and your system can also report the levels of chlorine. Ultimately, these advanced pool water chemistry systems keep your pool safe, clean and healthy for swimming.

Pool and Spa Auto-Cleaning

automated pool cleaner technology You’ve seen the robotic vacuums that travel throughout your home and keep floors pristine. Well, there are similar tools available for your swimming pool and spa. Robotic, pressure and suction pool cleaners can help keep your backyard pool clean and complement your pool’s main filtration system.

Pool Lighting and Fire Effects

Today’s high-tech pool illumination systems are sophisticated yet simple to use, offering features that enhance safety and complement swimming pool features. LED, the most energy-efficient option for in ground pool lighting, and fiber optic pool lights often used for features like star floors, can be controlled using a smart device. You can have fun with light shows, even changing the color of your pool lights to honor your favorite sports team or celebrate a holiday. You can even add additional ambience to your outdoor space with gas lights and torches that can be controlled with a smartphone too.

Pool Technology Takes the Work out of Maintainance

Remote monitoring systems, pool and spa automation and the array of new technologies make owning a pool and spa easier than ever. You can focus on relaxation and fun—and let these cutting-edge pool and spa systems take care of work like monitoring chemical levels, controlling pump speed and even cleaning.

Technology is a luxury. Let’s talk about how you can incorporate some of these systems into your existing pool by renovating your pool, or include them in your brand-new pool and outdoor living space. Contact us by filling out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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