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Last month, temperatures all over the country were breaking through the high 90s and even the 100s, a widespread heat wave that hasn’t been seen in our lifetime. St. Louis, the “Gateway to the West”, was more like the gateway to Hell the last week in June with temperatures reaching a mercury-bursting 108° F.

When summer weather gets this intense, there are only a few conceivable options for relief: sitting in a dark movie theater with a liter of cold soda for a double feature, submerging in a pool or ocean with breaks only for popsicles, or lounging in the shadiest spot in the backyard with a tall glass of lemonade and good book.

gazebos, pergolas and arbors

Here at Neave Group Outdoor Solutions, we love being outside no matter the weather – though in a perfect world, we aren’t working when it’s beastly like this – so the shade option is our favorite. And we’ve got a few tips to help you make the most of it…or create it, if you don’t have any!


This is one of the oldest landscape structures out there, with instances as far back as ancient Chinese and Persian literature. They can take many forms and be built from many materials – but they can be sweet backyard spots for afternoon tea in the garden or even housing your state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen.

Arbors and Pergolas

shade sail

If you want to keep things natural looking, even with a structure in place, pergolas can be perfect – they’re usually made of wood, and you can train climbing vines to creep up the legs and create even more shade with flowers and foliage. Depending on your dedication, you can buy pre-built structures or custom design and build one yourself that’s tailored to your landscape. (Or, better yet, just call us!)

Shade Sails

Create a modern look with shade sails, which come in a variety of abstract shapes and are stretched taut between poles or structures to provide artful shade to any backyard.


outdoor umbrellaOr, keep it simple with a patio umbrella. Plastic tables with a center hole for sticking the umbrella in aren’t your only option anymore – there are now freestanding umbrellas and even models that pivot to provide shade at an angle. There are many colors and patterns for any style you’re looking for.

And in the landscape itself, there are plenty of natural solutions to creating shade.

If you’re just beginning your landscaping and want some beautiful shade, know that it’ll take some time, but definitely consider maples and oaks.

In need of a cooldown? Contact the professionals at Neave Carpentry to talk about shade structures for your landscape. If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, dial (914) 271-7996, and if you’re in Connecticut, call us at (203) 212-4800. You can also fill out the web form on this page to have us get in touch with you.

And if you want more insight as you plan your landscape, download our free Landscape Planning Guide!

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