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Modern Swimming Pool TilesA pool and spa’s waterline is a blank canvas you can customize with the latest pool tiles that offer a luxury look, personalization possibilities and attractive functionality. So, what’s new in the pool tile category? Let’s start by talking about what’s out.

Forget solid-color pool tile—solid white, solid navy, solid aquamarine and so on. Modern pool tile colors are more variegated with greater depth and interest.

Ceramic pool tile has gone by the wayside. A 6×6 inch basic ceramic tile line will date your pool. Mosaic 1×1 inch glass tiles are what pool designers are selecting for luxury pools and spas.

Beyond this, here are five other ways pool tile is makes a designer statement.

Add a Touch of Class with Glass Pool Tile

Glass Mosaic Pool TilesFor the last several years, glass pool tile has dominated the market and become a go-to for pool designers who appreciate the range of colors available. Also, glass pool tile has come down in price, so now it is an accessible material for a range of budgets, allowing property owners to get the latest pool tile look without really splurging.

Variegated Pool Tile Colors Catch the Eye

What we love about glass tile is the way it adds depth and visual interest to a pool or spa. By nature, glass tile is somewhat iridescent and offers some opacity compared to ceramic tile. With every tile, you’ll see a variation in color.

Overall, we are moving toward glass pool tiles in iridescent, vibrant colors and getting away from muted earth tones and neutrals. Today’s glass tiles are eye candy for the waterline.

Bullnose Pool Tile Polishes the Edge

For property owners who want to go all out with pool tile, a special bullnose glass tile wraps around the pool edge to soften lines. The finished look of bullnose pool tile enhances the appearance—it’s a luxury look that seamlessly blends the pool coping and tile area.

Tasteful Pool Tile Designs Add Character

Tile allows designers to come up with a custom pool design so it speaks to your personal style or families’ interests. For example, a homeowner with children requested a Finding Nemo scene set in tile on a wall behind a bench in the pool. Another client opted for a crab design, and medallions appeal to some. Other property owners use their pool tile design to complement the architecture of their homes, borrowing patterns from the house and transferring those to the pool tile arrangement. With pool tile, the options are endless.

Tile Detail on Pool Steps Makes Depth Changes Pop

Tile rows applied to pool bench edges and steps notify swimmers of these spaces while adding streamlined color to otherwise plain areas of your pool or spa. Similar to pinstriping on cars, sleek tile lines that are thoughtfully placed throughout the pool give it designer appeal. And, because tile lines like this are functional, they can improve the safety of your pool or spa.

Plan Now for Pool Weather

Modern Swimming PoolDownload our free pool guide to get the latest advice on pool designs and what to expect from the pool installation process. Check out these pool FAQs and give us a call so we can talk about your ideas. Now is the ideal time to plan for a pool or spa project so you’ll be ready to lounge by the water this summer. 

Contact us at 845-463-0592 in Hudson Valley, 914-271-7996 in Westchester and 203-212-4800 in Connecticut. Or, fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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