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outdoor game court ice rinkOne of Neave Sports’ many offerings is Flex Court outdoor basketball courts, totally customized multi-game court systems that can really complete a backyard landscape and add years of family fun if you have kids who love sports.

These outdoor game courts range in price from $10,000 on up, depending on the installation — they’re a significant investment in the life and value of your landscape!

So, with a winter of unknown severity looking us squarely in the eye, it’s time to ask the inevitable question: Once you’ve had your outdoor game court installed, how are you going to prepare your Flex Court outdoor game court to protect it from the winter elements and help your investment last as long as your family’s love of the sport?

Actually, it’s a trick question!

Getting your outdoor multi-game court ready for winter

Flex Courts were designed to stand up to all weather conditions, including snow and ice. You don’t need to do anything additional to “winterize” your outdoor game court because it’s already prepped for the worst winter can throw at us.

Sport courts made with Flex Court tiles are all-weather because water can run right through them, meaning it won’t sit on the tiles and compromise their integrity. The surface dries easily for immediate play after rainstorms and snow showers — if you can handle the cold! The Flex Court tiles stand up to rain and snow better than any other outdoor surface. (The tiles are champs during the summer, too; the temperature of the tiles in hot weather is up to 50 percent lower than traditional basketball courts!)

Some of our clients have installed special Flex Court liners to transform their outdoor basketball courts into ice-skating rinks. (With the NHL’s season most likely canceled for the rest of the year, your whole family might be hankering to create a little hockey action in the backyard!)

Some of our clients like to play their little pickup games year round, even in the dead of winter, and all they have to do is shovel off the piles of snow — but close to 95 percent of customers we install these Flex Court systems for simply leave the outdoor game courts alone until the spring thaw, at which point they can sweep off any leftover debris and get right back to playing.

To learn more about Flex Court basketball courts and other outdoor game courts, check out Landscaping Network’s Q&A with Neave Sports landscape designer Corey Bittner. If you have more questions or would like to request a complimentary consultation, just fill out our handy web form.

Flex Court Athletics Buyer's Guide

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