The perfect garden structure can add a wonderfully rustic charm to your backyard, while also providing some purposeful functionality. We can design beautiful wooden garden structures, such as pergolas and arbors over walkways, that accent your backyard. Practical options, like sheds and firewood racks, are also available. We can give form and function to anything you can dream up!

a shedImplementing a garden structure with another element of your backyard takes a keen eye and an attention to detail. Your Neave Carpentry consultant will work with you to bring your vision to life in a way that adds value and visual interest to your backyard. Since some garden structures work in unison with existing elements like stone walkways, we can always enlist the help of our sister divisions at Neave Masonry or Neave Landscaping to make sure the job is done right. Your Neave Group Outdoor Solutions designer will manage and coordinate these efforts for you, so that you don’t have to contact multiple agents. One of our jobs is making your life easier.

Pergolas, arbors, gazebos and cabanas are fantastic property enhancements that will increase the aesthetic of your outdoor space. They can be used to offer shelter from the rain, or shade from the sun. It’s easy and fun to decorate them using hanging plants and they can be built using a variety of lumber, textures, colors and styles. We’ll help you find the one that fits you.

There’s a reason that sheds have been a staple in backyards for centuries – they’re useful! Garages have become an area dedicated to parking cars and storage, so if you need a little more elbow room then a shed is the perfect option. Imagine working away in your own workshop, where you can keep your tools safely locked away from children. Consider having a more organized, outdoor storage space that is easily accessible right in your backyard. The options with sheds in terms of size, structure and utility are virtually endless!

If you have a fire pit that you use for family bonfires or barbecuing, then you should have a pristine firewood rack. These seem like a simple garden structure to construct, but building one that adds to the visual appeal of your backyard takes an expert from Neave Carpentry. Working with us means that you receive expert craftsmanship, professional design and courteous service.

Contact Neave Carpentry today to start planning your new shed or garden structure project!

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