In recent years, drip irrigation systems have become increasingly popular because of their cost efficiency. Instead of creating precipitation zones, water is delivered more precisely to the root zones at the base of the plant. This method can increase yields, plant quality, and soil quality while also decreasing costs across the board. drip-irrigationThe beauty of drip irrigation is that it can be modified for nearly any type of delivery scale. They can be customized for smaller residential gardens, greenhouses or specialty areas. Likewise, they can be designed for large-scale properties such as parks and golf courses.

Drip irrigation systems are also usually built with narrower tubes that some clients find less intrusive and easier to blend with the landscape. The beautiful simplicity of this concept is also more consistent and precise when allocating water resources to your trees, plants, and flowers. By delivering hydration straight to the plant base, where it is quickly absorbed, you create a more efficient irrigation system for your landscape. The “drip” part of these irrigation systems means that they require very little pressure to deliver water. This allows you to conserve water and energy while giving your plants the water they need to thrive. Truly, it sounds like a great idea because it is a great idea! You can’t always predict when mother nature is going to deliver you ample rainfall. When you’re paying for water it’s costing you every time you turn on the taps, it’s not like water is getting any cheaper. Drip irrigation allows you to use less water while maximizing the delivery efficiency leading to luscious growth and greater resistance to sudden dry spells or troublesome weather.

Our Neave Irrigation specialists can help you determine if drip irrigation is the perfect solution for your property. We design custom systems that deliver ideal amounts of water right to the root zones of your landscape’s beautiful and luscious plants. Contact us today to find out more about drip irrigation and schedule a visit from Neave Irrigation!