If you want your organic plant life growing to its fullest potential, then you’re going to need a professional irrigation system custom designed to address your specific needs. Neave Irrigation can offer you the best when it comes to design, installation and maintenance services. With over forty years of lawn care expertise, you can trust that our irrigation systems will be a perfect solution.

hopewell-junction-sprinkler-systemThe perfect irrigation system will supply water to all of your plant life exactly the way you need it. We offer standard sprinkler systems, drip irrigation and an array of specialized irrigation services that will help keep your system at optimal levels at all times. The only question you need to ask yourself is…

Do you need irrigation?

If you have plant life on your property that needs regular watering then irrigation is an ideal solution for you. Not only does it take the labor out of manual watering, it also ensures that your plants receive the right amount of hydration. Eliminate the guesswork from irrigation! Whether you are growing crops,or ornamenting your landscape, you need to protect your investment with proper irrigation.

You can never predict the weather no matter how hard you try. Irrigation systems are a fantastic measure that allows you to manage the health of your property’s plant life during dry spells, storms, heat waves and various stretches of different kinds of weather. Healthy plant life is more resistant to bad weather as well, and proper hydration through irrigation is an important part of any plant health care plan.

hopewell-junction-irrigation-systemThe key to irrigation is efficiency. You want your plant life to receive the hydration they need to thrive, and you also want to ensure that you’re not overspending on water and energy. Neave Irrigation offers customized irrigation systems that will accomplish both goals without disturbing the outdoor aesthetic of your landscape.

Irrigation For The Residential Customer

Residential properties of all sizes can definitely benefit from the use of irrigation systems. We offer manually operated, partially automated and fully automated sprinkler systems that will match your desired preferences. Our irrigation systems can be custom fitted and tailored to your specific outdoor space so that you know you’re giving your plant life and lawn the care they deserve!

We also offer design and installation services for greenhouses and specialized gardens. Depending on the type of plant life you have, your Neave Irrigation specialist can advise on the best method for hydration delivery. We don’t just train our staff to know sprinklers – we ensure that they’re familiar with various plant life so that they can offer our clients the best advice. Understanding the needs of your specific plant life helps us build a proper irrigation system that’s right for you.

It’s time for you to give your outdoor plant life the care and attention it requires. Our customized formations are perfect for the homeowner that wants to get the most out of their personal, outdoor space by maximizing the growth and good health of their landscape.

Irrigation For Commercial Properties

Whether you have aesthetic landscapes to maintain or important crops to grow irrigation is a vital and necessary tool that allows you to maintain your property. They are especially helpful if you have a large scale property since it allows your property caretakers to focus on other details. Neave Irrigation is capable of servicing a wide range of commercial clients of any scale including:

  • Office complexes and office buildings
  • Condominium or Home Owners Associations
  • Farms and agricultural
  • Educational Institutions
  • Public and private parks
  • Recreation Centers
  • Athletic Fields
  • Golf Courses, Driving Ranges and Putting Greens
  • Many more!

Since each commercial client has unique needs and site layouts, we’ll need to perform a general site analysis to understand how we can serve you best. Schedule a visit from a Neave Irrigation associate by phone or email. By seeing the site in person, and discussing what your needs and concerns are, we will be able to design a system that will properly irrigate your property and allow your landscape to flourish. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our experts and allow us to outfit your commercial property with a commercial irrigation system that will allow your landscape to flourish!