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Neave Sports and Neave Landscaping are the perfect team if you’re looking for a backyard basketball court, racquet-game court or even a full-sized athletic field. Perfect your game, create an awesome recreation area for your family and friends and improve the value of your home all in one. If you call us, we will build you your very own field of dreams.

Our custom-built athletic courts are perfect for commercial and residential use and can be built to virtually any scale. These courts can be designed for basketball, tennis, badminton, exercise and roller hockey. Your court will also come with pre-painted game lines. We provide all athletic court accessories such as basketball hoops, tennis nets and all the necessary equipment required for your game. Other features, such as lighting, fencing and walkways can be built simultaneously to ensure that your landscape is cohesive.


Neave Sports and Neave Landscaping can also build athletic fields that are perfect for soccer, football, rugby, cricket and so much more! The initial construction of an athletic field can sometimes be a simple matter of making sure that the ground is level and the grass is cut perfectly. In some cases, irrigation systems may have to be built in order to ensure proper watering and drainage to keep grass green and healthy. We also offer full service maintenance services to keep your athletic fields in the best shape possible, even if you expect a serious amount of traffic and action. What good is a field if it isn’t used, right? We also offer artificial turf fields that eliminate the need for mowing, watering and other types of maintenance.

Neave Sports focuses entirely on your multi-game court or athletic field, while Neave Landscaping ensures that your overall aesthetic remains intact. There is no better one-two punch in the business when it comes to building commercial and residential athletic courts. Get your very own custom-built athletic court today!

Beyond the wide range of incredible outdoor options, Neave Sports also offers a range of solutions for inside the home. From home gyms to weight lifting areas in commercial gyms, multi-purpose rooms and indoor courts, Neave Sports can give you the athletic haven you need to get in shape and stay that way.

Check out Neave Sports to find out how to take your game to the next level.

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I have worked with the Neave Group on several of my larger outdoor projects. They have done extensive landscaping and pool construction for me. I continue to refer all my best clients to Neave group for the following reasons. They are always on time, on budget, and provide the utmost attention to detail. In particular the owner Scott Neave is always accessible and demands the best from his team. Lee Kind runs the pool division and his pool design knowledge is the best in the business. They are a…
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