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The tranquil setting of your water garden can serve as the perfect home to a wide variety of aquatic plant life and fish species. With help from our gifted design and installation teams at Neave Aquatics, you can have the water garden you’ve always imagined. Our ability to network with our sister divisions at Neave Masonry and Neave Carpentry also means you can simultaneously install decks, patios or other features in your backyard while we construct your water garden.

water gardenInitially, aquatic gardens were designed to house certain aquatic plant life such as the water lily and iris. You can choose from a fantastic range of aquatic plant life with Neave Landscaping. We offer submerged, marginal (partially submerged) and floating plants to suit your specific tastes.

In recent years, the most popular version of a water garden has been backyard Koi ponds. These fish are prized throughout their world as a source of good fortune, and they are also known for their unique, brightly scaled color patterns. Our creative design team can outfit your water garden to house most types of aquatic wildlife.

Your water garden can be the elegant highlight of your backyard or a private retreat in the corner where you can enjoy the quiet surrounded by beautiful water lilies while reading your favorite book. The main feature of an aquatic garden is the body of water itself, but it can easily be accented with other plants that improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Whatever your hopes for a water garden are, the Neave Group team is here to fulfill your every wish. Our professional installation and maintenance teams will ensure that your peaceful retreat operates properly at all times.

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I cannot overlook the fact that Neave Group Outdoor Solutions has gone above and beyond in assisting me with last minute projects. The property’s landscaped areas look great and I thank Neave Group Outdoor Solutions for their dedication
Oliver SRhinebeck, NY

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