Your relationship with Neave Lawn Care will begin with a thorough site assessment, which will allow us to understand your needs and preferences. The site assessment is a free service that we provide new clients. It allows us the chance to show you the professional expertise that we are known for, while also giving us a chance to start a fresh, working relationship with your clients.

Site-AssessmentThe site assessment will include inspecting your lawn, soil quality, tree and plant health while also taking notes of any problems or concerns that you may have. These can include issues such as tree health, difficult growth areas on your property or even drainage problems that you may have. The best way for us to service our clients is to understand their lawn care concerns on a personal level.

After the site assessment is complete, you’ll have the chance to sit down and discuss your preferences for your plant health care (PHC) service plan. Our arborists will also make specific recommendations for your property as you work together to create a package of Neave Lawn Care services that address all your needs at a price that you’re satisfied with.

The first site assessment gives us an idea of the services you need, but monitoring visits allow us to see if your service package is working properly and efficiently. Our specialists can conduct monitoring visits on a yearly, seasonal or monthly basis. We are also available in case of any emergencies you may encounter. These follow up inspections allow us to track growth patterns, analyze the health of your plant life and trees while also giving us the opportunity to fine tune your service package.

At Neave Lawn Care, we know that love is in the details. We’ll go that extra mile to care for your trees and plants the same way that you do. Contact us today to schedule your initial site assessment free of charge and so we can introduce you to your new Neave Lawn Care specialist!

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