Access ways are the perfect way to welcome guests to your home while improving the usability of your outdoor space. At Neave Masonry, we specialize in custom made access ways. It would be our pleasure to offer you a beautifully tailored walkway that weaves through your lawn, an elegant driveway that stands out in your neighborhood or a series of stone steps that leads you into the backyard. Whatever you need – or have in mind – Neave Masonry is the only choice. Front WalkwayPlacing access ways through grassy areas, such as commercial common areas or backyards, is a great way to preserve your landscape as well. Providing any guest or family members with a concrete access way will reduce the traffic that travels over your lawn throughout the year. This extends the life of your grass while also reducing lawn care maintenance costs. You can accent these walkways with low walls, plants or lights that can be tailored to your precise vision. The key to installing access ways on your property is choosing the right ones. You want them to be usable and safe, while complementing the existing aesthetic of your property. Paths, driveways and stone steps are just a few examples of how Neave Masonry can help. Stone PathStone paths are an excellent way to decorate your outdoor space while adding a touch of functionality. With Neave Masonry you’ll enjoy selecting from the finest materials and accessories available. Moreover our design techniques are second to none. Paths can be built using stepping stones, solid concrete or any number of materials. They’re an invaluable asset to your home since they seamlessly improve the visual interest of your outdoor space. Long Driveway Parking AreaDriveways remain an integral element of the front of the house and no longer have to be boring or typical. A good driveway will provide ample space to park your vehicles while accenting your home appropriately. At Neave Masonry we use the best materials available to provide your driveway the foundation it needs to last. We are capable of providing you splendid driveways and access ways in the space you provide. We’ll ensure that your driveway is both safe and attractive. Backyard StaircaseAdding stone steps can connect outdoor spaces such as landings and patios easily and beautifully as well. Neave Masonry can design stone steps using a variety of different, high end materials. These can be designed to your desired specifications to improve the slope, allowing you and your guests comfortable ways to ascend through different levels on your property. The ideal access way will be visually interesting and allow your outdoor space to have multiple, professionally-planned spaces that are knitted together seamlessly. They can certainly add to the functionality and value of your home. Contact Neave Masonry to start planning your new access ways today! 617c5b81 f0a0 40f8 bf3d cb1180da6b42