An outdoor barbecue is a staple for anyone that claims to be the boss of the summertime. But if you really want to stand heads and shoulders above the rest Neave Masonry has the solution you’ve been looking for. We can help you design custom-made barbecue pits and fully stocked outdoor kitchens so that you can enjoy the outdoors while roasting up your favorite delicacies. For those with young children who enjoy playing in the backyard, outdoor kitchens are the perfect way to keep an eye on your little ones while making them the perfect summer lunch!

Greenberg-Scarsdale-New-York-outdoor-kitchenThere are countless building options when it comes to constructing a new outdoor kitchen or BBQ area. Choose from pre-cast concrete units or natural stone veneers. Counter-tops can be built from blue stone, decorative concrete or marble. No matter what you choose, Neave Masonry will be there every step of the way to help you select the right materials for you. Your outdoor kitchen will be built to last so that you can enjoy cooking outdoors throughout the years.

No kitchen is complete without the proper appliances and hardware. We work with top brands such as Weber, Viking, Egg, Lynx and more. Select from an awesome range of grill units, sinks, warming trays, serving racks, smoking units, beverage bars, kegerators and storage compartments so that your kitchen it ideally suited for you. Every unit built will be designed around the appliances you select so that the fit is perfect and the visual aesthetic remains intact.

Home owners that live in colder climates shouldn’t be deterred from installing outdoor kitchens because they can be used all year round. With optional sheltering and heating available, you can be outside cooking up a storm no matter what the elements throw at you! Neave Masonry will help you design an outdoor cooking kitchen and cooking area that satisfies your specific needs so that you can get the most use out of it.

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If the plumbing, electrical wiring and piping has always been the concern for you when considering an outdoor kitchen then you’ve come to the right place. Neave Masonry not only builds exquisite and unique outdoor kitchens, we can perform all the necessary internal work required to make sure your new unit works just the way you need it to.

The scale of an outdoor kitchen depends completely on the customer. Neave Masonry can design and build a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, or a more streamlined kitchenette. We also excel at building BBQ cooking areas for grilling and smoking. Planning is essential for these types of activities so that the smell and smoke don’t invade your home. Our design team will touch on every little detail as we make your dream come true!

Our outdoor kitchen contractors are only a phone call away. Contact Neave Masonry to get started on your outdoor kitchen today!

If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call us at (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call (914) 271-7996; from Connecticut, dial (203) 212-4800.

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