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A fire pit is a great way to add atmosphere and elegance to your outdoor space and Neave Masonry is here to deliver results. You don’t have to retreat indoors when the temperature dips at night or the colder seasons approach. Embrace the outdoors with your very own, custom built fire pit so that you can keep the good times outdoors!

chappaqua-fire-pitNeave Masonry can add a structural element like a built-in fireplace to add warmth, light and elegance to your backyard living area. This allows you to take advantage of your patio or backyard space all year round. Imagine entertaining guests around your outdoor fire pit as everyone sips on hot cocoa. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Built-in fireplaces are a wonderful addition to your existing hardscaping, and they add an undeniable sense of warmth while fostering a communal atmosphere right outside your home. Neave Masonry’s custom designed, built-in fireplaces are constructed to withstand the elements. They’ll be properly and professionally designed so that smoke is channeled away from seating areas too. Comfort is one of our top priorities.

Large, chalet style fire pits are also available using a variety of different materials. Neave Masonry will only use the finest available. Choose from brick, slate, tile, marble or match your fireplace to any existing structures surrounding it! The only limit when it comes to built-in fireplaces and fire pits is your imagination.

All of our fire pits can use gas or wood as the fuel source. The choice is up to you, and if you elect to go wood, we can build you an exquisite housing area for your extra firewood. These kinds of details can be outlined during the design phase and, just like the fire pits themselves, can be constructed to match your existing aesthetic.

Don’t let the cold condemn you to the indoors. Contact Neave Masonry to get started on your custom made fire pit today. You bring the ideas and we’ll bring the heat!

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We had an idea for a pool and spa. The designers from Neave sat with us, reviewed our concept, and came back with their design in the form of a beautiful computer rendering. Several months later, we now have an amazing pool and patio that matched the rendering we were presented with. The professionalism of each of the Neave contractors throughout the process was amazing and we are extremely satisfied with the final result!
Christian G.Yorktown Heights

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