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When stonework is involved, there is a wealth of services that Neave Masonry can provide. Among them are curbing, retaining walls and free standing walls. We can incorporate stone in just about any facet of your landscaping and in many cases these projects have add immense functionality and value to your property as well.

Rock CurbingFrame your property, or any feature on your property, with the perfect curbing. This feature also serves to keep debris from kicking up on to your lawn and any area that is by the street. There are a wonderful variety of options available, and the right kind of curbing can delicately accent your home.
Retaining Walls
Garrison-New-York-Retaining-WallA retaining wall is a useful feature that requires excavating the landscape, and suspending earth on a man-made slope, to increase the usable square footage on your property. In some cases they are also a very useful drainage mechanism.
Free Standing Walls
brick-freestanding-wallAdd a touch of elegance to your curbside appeal while upgrading your privacy and security. Free standing walls can be built using a variety of materials. Our design team will be happy to show you just how impressive your new additions can be!


The craftsmanship of our stonework is second to none. Since our designers and professional craftsmen are the best in the industry, the options are virtually limitless. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen. Contact Neave Masonry today to develop a fresh look on your property.

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As you know, we sought to create a unique home and in conjunction with that we wanted to create a unique, quality landscape that would complement our home and fit within the natural environment. The design and workmanship provided by Neave Group Outdoor Solutions acknowledged and reflected the home and exceeded our expectations. We would like to profoundly thank you for the superb performance Neave Group Outdoor Solutions has provided us. We chose the term “performance” as it encompasses the …
William SHopewell Junction, New York

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