Cabana next to poolA cabana or pool house is the perfect accompaniment to your new, swimming pool. Neave Pools offers limitless potential for your new pool house. Add a beautiful structure to give yourself storage for your pool accessories, a changing room for your family and friends, or even use it as a guest house! If you want to take your pool house the extra mile, you can even add outdoor cooking stations to it.

By working with us as your go-to custom swimming pool contractor, you will have your very own contractor who can help you explore and design the ideal cabana or pool house for the space that you have. Depending on what you have in mind, your new pool house can be built to blend into your home’s current aesthetics.

Pool houses and cabanas can be simple, visually appealing structures that offer a changing room and sitting area for your guests, but they can also serve as a fully functional guest house as well with a dining area. They can be as big or as small as you’d like depending on your property and extra space.

Modern Pool House Designs by Neave

The most popular room in your new custom pool house could very well be the one by the poolside.

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