Keeping your investment running smoothly with regular pool cleaning is an absolute must for any pool owner. Neave Pools offers full or partial services that can be booked on a per-visit basis or scheduled throughout the pool season as part of a comprehensive pool maintenance service. Save yourself the hassle of pool cleaning by letting the professionals take care of it.

a net in a pool picking up a flower during regularly scheduled pool cleaningOur Neave Pools cleaning technicians can do a simple or thorough cleaning of your pool water, drainage systems and surrounding areas. We can even do water testing during this time to make sure that the chemical or non-chlorine balances in your water are safe and sound for you and your loved ones.

Sometimes the weather can take a turn for the worse and leave your pool littered with unwanted debris. Keep your hands clean by letting us do the dirty work by removing harmful branches, leaves and other clutter from your pool water and the surrounding area so you can enjoy your pool quickly. Pool cleaning is especially important in the later months of pool season, when autumn often drops unwanted clumps of leaves and decaying foliage into your pool water. This can adversely affect your pool’s performance and visual appeal.

Contact us today to discuss a pool cleaning schedule so that your pool maintains the level of quality, cleanliness and satisfaction your family deserves!
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