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Creating your new luxury pool design is an exciting combination of bringing your dreams to life and working with leading experts to craft a plan that enhances your entire property.

When you work with Neave Pools, we ensure that your one-of-a-kind plans perfectly fit your yard and budget while conforming to local regulations and practices. Our APSP Certified Building Professional and award-winning pool design and construction team help you craft a comprehensive plan while answering all your questions along the way.

Trust Neave Pools for the best expertise and design strategies in the industry as you plan your backyard upgrades. As one of the most trusted pool design and construction companies in Hudson Valley NY, Westchester County NY, Putnam County NY, Fairfield County CT, and all of New Jersey we’re here to serve and delight you in every way.

Beginning the Planning Process

Sketch of a landscape featuring a poolAfter you schedule your initial appointment with Neave Pools, a professional designer travels to your property to evaluate your space, terrain, layout, drainage and surrounding landscaping. You’ll walk through your backyard together to evaluate potential placement, as well as accessory options and special features that you can add into a custom swimming pool itself and the surrounding areas. These can include items such as sunshades, pool decks, water features, and spas which will add a touch of grace and utility to your new pool.

Once your property evaluation is completed, your pool design expert helps you understand local regulations and how they impact your pool construction project. These guidelines may include how close your pool can be to property lines, what plumbing and electrical plans you’ll need to consider, how large your swimming pool can be versus available open property and what safety enhancements need to be included.

When you choose to work with Neave Pools, know that our company handles the entire process and you don’t have to manage a handful of subcontractors or outside organizations. From planning to completion, we manage the entire process so you don’t have to. We’re your single point of contact for all of your questions and concerns.

Bringing Your Designs to Life

Next, we discuss the details that you are looking for in your new swimming pool. We will ask you a series of questions to determine the right layout and size of your dream pool, which pool materials you would like to use and how this design will be augmented by other landscaping and accessory elements in your backyard.

Once all ideas have been discussed, your swimming pool designer will show you various drafts of the concept using a 3-D modeling program so you can better visualize how the pool will look upon completion. This allows you and your designer to see any areas that you want to change or enhance and helps prevent costly project changes and delays after construction begins.

Completing a Comprehensive Plan

Residential Landscape Design

Neave Pools, as a part of the larger Neave Group, specializes in comprehensive backyard design and execution projects and maintenance. Our professionals work with you to install your new pool, and they can also ensure your entire space is the very essence of luxury and relaxation. The modeling program we use not only brings your proposed inground swimming pool design to life but can also include other pool features like your patio, sun shelf, nearby additional structures you want to be built like cabanas or spas, and the landscaping that brings it all together.

A comprehensive plan isn’t complete without budgetary and timeline considerations being factored in. During the design phase of your project, we’ll tailor our schedule to suit your family’s needs while also paying due attention to the time of year when your construction is scheduled, outside factors like obtaining permits, plan approvals and inspections, and factors like weather and holidays.

During the design phase, our pool builders will also present a schedule of costs designed to meet your budget. The timeline and budget are proposed estimates, and factors like design amendments, Mother Nature, and unforeseen circumstances can lead to changes. Whenever the timeline or budget needs to change after construction begins, we’ll let you know right away.

Work with the Best and Achieve the Best

Neave Pools is a respected leader in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey for good reason. We’ve been delighting customers for decades, have consistently received industry rewards and recognition and employ the best professionals in the business.

Contact us today to begin designing your new luxury outdoor oasis.

We’ll schedule your initial consult right away so you and your loved ones can begin enjoying your upgraded backyard as soon as possible.

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