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Feature additions in and around your pool are a great way to improve the appearance of your backyard space. In many cases, feature additions are a fantastic way to minimize major pool renovation costs while still enjoying upgrades to your pool and outdoor area. Neave Pools can also construct these feature during new pool construction to help you distinguish your pool from the rest.

pool feature additions - waterfallFeature additions can include outdoor pool structures like grottos, sun shades and cabanas. They also extend to water features such as waterfalls, sheer descents, infinity edges and laminar jets. Indulge yourself a little when renovating your pool area, or constructing a brand new pool. You deserve to enjoy a slice of paradise.

Your pool doesn’t have to be the only thing that benefits from feature additions. Neave Group Outdoor Solutions can design and build a wide range of features for your landscape as well. We can add a gazebo, plantings, athletic court, an outdoor kitchen and more. We can transform more than just your pool, we can transform your yard.

The first step in adding pool features or other landscape additions is to consult a Neave Pools contractor, who can discuss any ideas or suggestions you may have over the phone. Afterwards, your personal Neave Pools contractor will visit your home and survey your pool area and mechanical systems in order to provide you a better understanding of the price, construction time and feature additions available to you.

Contact Neave Pools today to discuss any feature additions you are looking to install soon and find out how we can make your pool look like a brand new space!

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We didn’t know what to expect when we partnered with Neave Décor. We had a poor experience with another company and didn’t have high expectations for the initial meeting. To say we were blown away is an understatement!


Kathleen, the owner, presented us with multiple design options in full color diagrams. She was incredibly accommodating to our ideas and very knowledgeable about the electrical needs that our design would require. Being able to see the designs superimposed on our building a…

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