beautiful gunite pool built by neave poolsGunite pools are considered to be a more permanent and customizable design for your backyard recreation needs, making this material a go-to choice for luxury pool installations.

This type of material, also known as shotcrete, is ideal for crafting an entirely unique pool. Our design pros can show you a wide variety of options and create designs to your exacting specifications to enhance your backyard.

Neave Pools employs the leading experts in the design, installation, and maintenance of gunite pools. We can work with you from inception to ongoing upkeep to ensure that the investment you make in your property delights your family and friends for many years. We manage every part of the process, ensuring you don’t have to oversee a confusing mixture of workers, regulations and design plans along the way.

Gunite pools also provide the greatest return on the investment you make when you add a luxury pool to your property. This is further enhanced when a design incorporates your entire outdoor space and creates a comprehensive relaxation and recreation area.

Achieving the Size and Shape Pool You Desire

Take a moment to truly dream about the pool you’d like to install in your backyard. Is it a traditional ovular shape, more of an Olympic-style design, or does its design color outside the lines and provide a meandering silhouette that’s as elegant as it’s functional? Regardless of how you want your pool to look and how large it needs to be to accommodate your recreation and hosting needs, our pros use advanced 3-D software to develop the right design. We’ll also make sure that design fits local regulations and building standards so the plan approval and permitting process flows smoothly. Then, you’ll be able to watch your backyard transform daily during your gunite pool construction.

Gunite Allows for Plentiful Additions

Your pool area is so much more than a spot to dip in the water. With gunite pools, you can craft your overall design to be as simple or fancy as your tastes dictate, and we can work to incorporate those additional elements into your specific budget. Just a few of the additions gunite pools easily incorporate include:

  • Grottos
  • Sun shelves
  • In-ground or raised spas
  • Slides
  • Rock haunches
  • Waterfalls
  • Coordinating decks and surrounds

With gunite, the materials will all be expertly matched so that the resulting structures represent the utmost in upscale luxury and architectural design. We can also help match your outdoor space to your home’s design elements with the materials and elements you select.

Long-Term Durability and Lasting Lifespan

Gunite swimming pools stand up to the elements, a necessity through the harsh winters experienced in New York and Connecticut. You’ll have less worries about the durability of your concrete structures, and this leads to lower long-term maintenance and repair costs. You’ll also experience a lowered risk of experiencing leaks and cracks as long as you properly maintain your pool and its associated structures. Neave Pools can help by setting up the routine maintenance you need as well as assisting with pool opening and closing duties each season.

Your finished gunite pool will have a plaster finish applied that can last between 12 and 20 years. When the time comes, replastering your pool is cost-effective and can be accomplished in a short timeframe. When your tastes change over time, we can also work with you to renovate your surrounding patio and build additional structures. We can also help you upgrade your equipment and add the pool automation that makes caring for your pool an easy process.

Trust Neave Pools to Transform Your Property

Neave Pools is the respected leader in outdoor recreation throughout the greater New York and Connecticut area. Our award-winning team consistently receives accolades for innovative designs, expert installations and flawless maintenance. We employ design and installation professionals who have attained advanced industry training and certification and will work with you to achieve your every backyard desire.

Contact Neave Pools today to schedule your initial gunite pool consultation. We’ll come out to visit your property and evaluate it and your needs so we can work together to craft the perfect gunite swimming pool design.

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