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Vinyl pools are found throughout the world as an extremely popular installation choice. The efficient installation and maintenance as well as attractive cost structure make vinyl pools well suited for all home owners. Vinyl liner pools have the softest touch and comfort which makes them ideal for families with small children.

A pristine pool with a gazebo

Over the last decade, technological advancements have made vinyl pools far more customizable than ever before. Pool materials, shapes, features and vinyl liner patterns have made building a custom vinyl liner pool as attractive as other, more expensive, options. Today’s vinyl pools are often built with integrated benches, steps, and even unique lounging areas that the whole family will enjoy. Our designers can work with you to create a pool and outdoor living space that will complement family’s lifestyle as well as the architecture of your home.

Today’s advanced cleaning and sanitization systems have made treating and maintaining vinyl pools easier than ever before. Automatic pool cleaners and salt water systems have greatly extended the life span and made a tremendous impact on the ability of liners to keep patterns and colors full and vibrant. This combined with modern day leak detection and repair systems, followed up with regular maintenance from a Neave Pools specialist means that you can easily see 15 to 20 years before needing a replacement.

If your liner is ever damaged or you just want to give your pool a face lift, repairs and replacement of vinyl liners are simple and cost effective.  A small hole or tear in your liner, more often than not, can be patched simply and cheaply as a do it yourself project. If you cannot locate the leak in your liner, or just simply don’t have the time, we can send in a diver to find the leak and patch it for you.  When it does come time to replace your liner it is a simple, one day project and our skilled technicians will have your pool ready for your after dinner swim.

The designers and installers at Neave Pools are all experienced in the latest methods and technologies. We are proud to be able to offer top quality installations of best in class products. Turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis by installing a vinyl pool and transforming the surrounding landscape.

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