When you’re ready to transform your backyard through a luxury pool installation, the materials you use are one of the first considerations you’ll undertake during the design process. Vinyl pools represent one of the most popular materials consumers use for their inground pool’s beauty because of their attractive cost, durability and the feel they provide to swimmers. Partner with industry leaders Neave Pools to expertly install your new vinyl dream pool.

Pool with vinyl patterns and sleek geometrical lines

Vinyl Pools Provide Luxury Feel at Budget-Friendly Prices

Compared to other potential pool materials, vinyl pool installation can provide a more economical solution while still enabling your backyard to undergo a luxurious upgrade. In addition to the material itself being budget-friendly, a vinyl swimming pool offers additional monetary savings through lowered installation times and associated manpower as well as lower maintenance costs.

Vinyl can also be cost-effective to repair or upgrade when the time comes. In fact, you can take control of future issues with your vinyl liner with simple fixes you can apply on your own. Of course, Neave Pools is also available to help with maintenance and repair projects whenever you need.

Advanced Design and Lifespan

In the past, vinyl was considered a cheaper alternative that came with significant drawbacks in how long liners would last and how well they could stand up to wear and tear. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case with vinyl liner pools.

Today’s inground vinyl pool boasts a lifespan of 15-20 years through advanced designs, enhanced cleaning and sanitization systems, modern leak detection techniques and regularly scheduled swimming pool maintenance.

We’ll help you pick the best products to service your vinyl pool, set up an affordable and efficient maintenance schedule, including visits from our pros, and answer any questions you may have about keeping your pool vibrant and welcoming for you and your family to enjoy.

Vinyl swimming pool with spa upgrade

Customized Luxury Vinyl Pool Designs

Vinyl pools no longer come in just round or oval or some of the most popular pool shapes including kidney-shaped swimming pool and rectangular pools, although those are available if they fit your desires. Today’s vinyl swimming pools are highly customized creations that come in many different vinyl pool shapes — in fact many homeowners prefer alternative shapes nowadays — and feature a variety of different patterns to suit your tastes.

An upscale vinyl inground swimming pool can also be designed with elements similar to gunite pools, including benches, steps and lounging areas for your family to enjoy. Our designers can help you create a plan that includes not only the pool of your dreams but also an overall backyard design that will delight your guests and add to your property value.

Vinyl and Your Surrounding Property

Modern vinyl pools blend seamlessly into your comprehensive backyard design. You can choose your vinyl liner pool shapes, vinyl pool patterns as well as colors to complement the style of coping and decking patterns that will surround the area.

In addition, our professional designers will work with you to help mix in expertly installed landscaping elements, additional structures like outdoor pool houses and luxury spas, pool covers to protect your investment and swimming pool lighting to show it off to family and guests alike.

Vinyl swimming pool with backyard enhancements

Future Upgrades and Enhancements

Preferences and budgets can change and expand over time, and vinyl pools represent a great upgradeable choice for your property. When it’s time to enlarge your pool, make pool additions to your design or upgrade pool equipment, Neave Pools can work with you to further expand your dreams.

You can also change out your vinyl pool liner for a new design quite cost-effectively and within a short timeframe. These refreshes not only expand your pool’s lifespan but give also provide a complete facelift — everyone will think you’ve gotten an entirely new pool!

Partner with Neave Pools for All Vinyl Pool Needs

The professionals at Neave Pools hold numerous industry certifications and have won many awards and accolades through their service to the greater New York and Connecticut areas. From expert designers to the best construction experts in the business to maintenance that will ensure your investment delights your family for many years to come, Neave Pools can truly bring your backyard dreams to life.

Contact us today to begin vinyl pool installation and design your luxurious backyard retreat. We’ll schedule a time to come review your property, understand your needs and draw a great plan to encompass both.

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