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The following is a list of Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management’s services that can be added to your snow and ice management plan. We offer Per-Push, Per-Event and Seasonal Subscriptions for any of the services listed below. Pricing is based on volume, so please contact us at Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management for an estimate.

Snow Stacking

Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management will tackle all the bothersome piles of snow on your property and relocate them to a more convenient area, like the back corner of a parking lot. This can free up prime parking areas, walkways and traffic areas for smooth transit throughout your property. With your Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management contractor, you’ll be able to decide when and where your snow is stacked.

Snow Hauling

Sometimes snow stacking isn’t enough. If the snow piles up too high, or there isn’t enough safe places to relocate the snow on your own property, Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management can literally drag the snow away. Our fleet of loaders and dump tracks are unmatched in the Hudson Valley area. We’ll arrive quickly, work efficiently and haul that snow off to an off-site location. The snow will be out of sight, and you’ll have peace of mind.

Roof/Ramp Snow and Ice Removal

Don’t leave anything to chance by hoping that the snow and ice will remove itself from your roofs and ramps. Unattended snow and ice can accumulate on rooftops and cause catastrophic cave-ins, which can lead to serious property damage and lethal injuries for your employees and visitors. Why take a risk when you don’t have to? Call Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management instead for the best in snow and ice removal from rooftops, ramps and any overhead areas on your property.

Sidewalk, Ramp and Walkway Cleaning

Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management can provide safe passage for all of your employees and visitors by properly clearing sidewalks, ramps and walkways. This service can be scheduled, or requested on a per-push basis.The Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management team has the manpower and tools to get the job done. Our staff can come armed with snow shovels, ATV’s and skid steers mounted with snow plows and power sweepers to clear the snow efficiently so that your walkways are safe.

Our snow clearing services are just the start. Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management can also provide you with various ice control applications to keep your walkways and steps safely accessible for the duration of winter, and our fast response times during storms means that your walkways and ramps will always be ready for use.

Ice Control

Ice control refers to both de-icing and anti-icing applications that help reduce the amount of ice that accumulates on all transit areas of your property.Our anti-icing applications take a bite out of winter by preventing ice from bonding to concrete and paved areas. Using our weather monitoring services we can apply anti-icing agents to your property as a preemptive strike in order to provide you with the safest possible conditions in winter. Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management proudly uses D.E.C. approved ICEBAN BCS liquid that is safe for concrete, asphalt, grass and plant life.

Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management also provides traditional de-icing services, which is a reactive method of removing ice once the snow has been cleared. Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management carries a wide range of de-icing applications including rock salt, combination rock salt/sand mix and a rock salt treated with ICEBAN liquid.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready and waiting to prepare you properly for winter by offering you the ideal de-icing and anti-icing strategies. The battle against winter just got easier.

Bulk Anti-Ice Liquid & Salt Supply

Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management carries an assortment of anti-icing agents that you can store on-site for use by caretakers, groundskeepers and members of your staff. Pricing is based on volume, so please contact us with any inquiries.

The industry standard when it comes to de-icing and anti-icing applications. ICEBAN BCS liquid can easily be used as an additive to enhance the performance of traditional de-icing materials. Don’t worry about harm to the environment or toxic levels. This solutions is less corrosive than distilled water and is safe to use on concrete, asphalt, grass and plant life. The D.E.C. has approved it as environmentally friendly as well.
Sodium chloride has been used as the benchmark in de-icing and anti-icing for years because it works. This is a very economical, safe and efficient application when performing ice control.
The rock salt works quickly to de-ice any area, and the sand mix will offer extra grip for cars and pedestrians alike. Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management can mix rock salt and sand at any ratio, offering you a customized ice fighter at a friendly price point.
Combine the tried and tested power of rock salts with the ice fighting abilities of ICEBAN BCS for an application that will melt ice and keep it from coming back. By uniting these two substances, we can save you money by offering you an anti-icer at the price of a de-icer!
If you already have a pile of rock salt stock piled in storage, we can spray it with ICEBAN BCS. We can even show you how to perform this service for a nominal fee, and teach you how to fight off winter’s clutches.

24/7 Call Centers

Our staff is on call twenty-four hours a day to answer any questions or concerns you have, or dispatch services to your location for immediate service. Our call centers can also schedule service visits at future dates.

Local Weather Monitoring

Our staff monitors weather patterns 24/7 to preemptively prepare for incoming storms, severe weather or heavy snowfall. We will react accordingly to the needs of your property with immediate reaction times.

Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management is fully insured

Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management is the industry leader in commercial property snow and ice removal. We are the best choice to ensure that your business has the optimal conditions to thrive in the harsh months of winter. Contact us today to schedule your property assessment, meet your Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management contractor and prepare yourself for the winter season the right way.

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