Whether you’re rocking the rim with an earth shattering dunk, or playing pick-up in your backyard, Neave Sports is the perfect place to start when building your own basketball court. We will help you design and build the custom basketball playground you’ve always wanted, using the best materials available with the level of craftsmanship you expect from Neave Group.

Driveway Basketball Court

Neave Sports is proud to offer a full range of different basketball courts. Thunder down the court at full pace on a full-sized basketball court that measures 104’x60’. Or battle in the paint on a smaller court that measures 20’x’25, which is the equivalent of the free throw area. You can decide how big your court is depending on the space you have. Visit our friends at SportsKnowHow.com to find out more information about official basketball court sizes, or discuss the layout options with your Neave Sports contractor!

The type of surface that you wish to choose depends on both your budget and the  level of performance you wish to enjoy, but we recommend Flex Court Premium Tiles as they offer excellent performance, extremely low maintenance, reduce instances of sports related injuries, are fast drying and quick draining, and are available in a wide range of colors

To find out more about the different basketball court surfaces, just contact us at Neave Sports! Your personal Neave Sports contractor will help you evaluate the options available to you and help you make the perfect choice.

Neave Sports also offers a wide variety of accessories for your new basketball court. Outfit your basketball court with a sturdy basketball goal system, surround the court with perimeter fencing and even accessorize it with outdoor lighting to you can perfect your cross-overs and post moves any time you’d like.

Get your backyard basketball construction started as soon as possible by contacting Neave Sports to find out more about our incredible outdoor courts!

Flex Court Athletics Buyer's Guide