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Neave Sports can build or resurface gymnasiums of any size. We use specially designed GymFlex tiles from Flex Court, with a rubber underlay, providing you with a long lasting, low maintenance surface, multi-purpose surface that is better in many ways than hardwood, or other surfaces. We ensure that your indoor gym flooring has the proper game lines painted for either specific sports or for a wide range of sports, and the surface comes in a range of colors so your floor can match team or company colors. We can also include logos on the surface so your gymnasium floor can really represent you.

Gymnasium Surface

Gymnasium Flooring The GymFlex tiles that we use are multi-purpose and are designed for athletic activities of all kinds. They offer consistent performance across a range of sports meaning that they are perfect for indoor basketball, badminton, volleyball, ball hockey, handball or any other sport you can think of! Need your floor back? If for any reason you need to lift your gymnasium surface, the tiles are removable. It’s easy to remove and quite literally a snap to put the court back together again, and if you need a hand, you can always contact us at Neave.

Low Maintenance

With GymFlex, maintenance is as simple as can be. No need for expensive products or equipment. Most of the time, all that’s needed is a bucket of soapy water to clean these durable GymFlex tiles! If you have damaged tiles, they can be replaced, instead of ripping up the entire floor. This saves major refurbishing costs down the road, and all the GymFlex tiles are under a 10-year manufacturer-direct warranty. Neave Sports will not only do the installation quickly and professionally, we’ll also swing by to do maintenance, inspection and repairs if you’d like as well. Contact us today to inquire about the GymFlex indoor tile and discover the benefits of working with Neave Sports to get the best out of your gymnasium flooring. Flex Court Athletics Buyer's Guide

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I’ve been using Neave Group for pond maintenance and have had a great experience with them. The guy who does their pond work also does irrigation for Neave and he’s wonderful! Very experienced, knowledgeable, thoughtful and helpful. I highly recommend them.
Stephanie L.Dobbs Ferry, NY

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