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Playing hockey on the streets can be a lot of fun, but with parked cars, uneven roads and the constant inconvenience of thru traffic, it’s not always the best option. That’s why turning a portion of your backyard into a personal roller hockey rink is a great idea, and Neave Sports is here to help.

We can install roller hockey or hockey rinks in any number of different environments. Whether it’s an indoor roller hockey rink, an outdoor rink in your backyard or multiple roller hockey rinks on your commercial property, Neave Sports is the right choice.

There are a variety of different roller hockey rink surfaces to choose from, including of course concrete and pavement. We also offer Flex Court’s premium athletic tiles, which is the official surface for a number of roller hockey organizations and events such as Roller Court performs so well it has been chosen as the Official Surface for ESPN Pro Beach Hockey, Major League Roller Hockey, State Wars, Thors, TopCat, 2HOT4ICE, SpeedHockey, Canadian Hockey Inline Association, USA Roller Skating, and many others.

At Neave Sports you can expect us to always go that extra mile for you. We can surround your roller hockey rink with plywood boards or thermoformed plastic boards for a true hockey rink feel as well! Any other accessories you’d like can also be included, such as game lines, perimeter lighting or other safety features. All you have to do is ask!

Want to do more than just roller hockey with your rink? When talking with our experts, mention the different sports you would like to play in that space. We can easily integrate a basketball court, or other courts into a roller hockey rink, helping you make the most of your space.

Contact Neave Sports today to find out how you can turn your backyard in to a roller hockey rink that will be the envy of your entire neighborhood.

Flex Court Athletics Buyer's Guide

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