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Bump, set and smash on your very own backyard volleyball court! We can build you any type of volleyball court you’d like, and also provide all the accessory items you need to make your volleyball court the envy of your friends. At Neave Sports the possibilities are endless.

A standard volleyball court requires a space of 60’x30′. However one of the benefits of working with Neave Sports is that we can custom build a court of any size. Build a larger court or a smaller one – it’s truly up to you. Neave Sports also carries a full line of volleyball court accessories such as volleyball net systems, posts and perimeter fencing. We are literally your one-stop-shop for backyard volleyball courts!

Surface Choices

Clients usually prefer turf, real grass and Flex Court premium outdoor tiles as the surface for their volleyball court. Each surface has different benefits in terms of maintenance and performance so the decision depends on your preferences. Here’s a brief explanation of the different volleyball court surfaces we carry:

  • Concrete – Cost effective, easy to install
  • Asphalt – Cost effective, lower impact and increased cushioning compared to concrete
  • Acrylic Court Surface – Weather resistant, available in vibrant and fade-resistant colors, easy to maintain, improved performance with lower maintenance
  • Flex Court Premium Tiles – Excellent performance, extremely low maintenance, reduces instances of sports related injuries, fast drying and quick draining, available in a wide range of colors
  • Real Grass – For a true “backyard” feel that won’t interfere with your lawn. We can offer tips and services that will help keep your grass volleyball court in the best shape possible as well.
  • Artificial Turf – Reliable and consistent grip traction, very low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re truly looking to go the extra mile, Neave Sports can serve up a beach volleyball court for you as well. We can even provide synthetic sand that won’t stick to your body as much as the regular sand you’ll find at the beach. A backyard beach volleyball court is the perfect compliment to a Neave Pool and your friends will be begging to come over to enjoy your backyard paradise!

Indoor Volleyball Court

Looking to build an indoor volleyball court? Neave Sports can help, using Flex Court’s line of premium indoor athletic tiles. Like the outdoor tiles, these tiles are long lasting and low maintenance. They also provide a more forgiving surface do land on than concrete or hardwood.

Commercial, Parks and Recreation, Educational Institutions.

Neave Sports is proud to serve commercial property owners as well. Volleyball courts are a great addition to athletic complexes, community centers, campgrounds, vacation resorts and schools. If you represent any type of commercial property and wish to inquire about our volleyball courts, just contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Contact us and discover how easy it is to have your own, personal, backyard volleyball court!

Flex Court Athletics Buyer's Guide

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Neave Group, who we hired to install a swimming pool, has been nothing short of amazing. The project as a whole ran smoothly from start to finish and was done with excellent workmanship and attention to details. The timeframe in which the project was executed was much better than expected without any sacrifice in quality. In the end, Neave Group put our yard as a whole back together as well. From a new patio, landscape lighting to plantings/landscaping, and the installation of a fire pit. Nothin…
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