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Luxurious BackyardsYou’ve always wanted a pool—a true staycation attraction in your own backyard. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed a luxury swimming pool at a resort, or previously owned a home that included a pool and spa. Maybe you’re tired of waiting for invitations from neighbors and are ready to have one of your own.

From entertaining friends to unwinding with family, the value you’ll gain from this investment in your outdoor living space is long-lasting.

You’ll probably do this type of project only one time in your current home. So, you want yours to include the features that matter the most to you—and the budget is always a consideration. There are nice-to-have extras and must-have necessities. Those vary based on your lifestyle and how you plan to use the space. That’s why we always recommend taking a step back and setting priorities first.

You can get the pool features that matter most to you while maintaining a budget that works for you and your family. Here’s how. 

Lifestyle: Family Affair

Lounge Chairs By PoolsideYou want a swimming area so your kids can slide, dive, splash and invite friends over to play. Sure, adults will appreciate wading in the water, too—but the focus is on the younger set. You’re ready to retire your community pool pass and enjoy an open swim in your own backyard.

Pool Features

Spend on the pool features that your family will appreciate and use. Consider earmarking your budget for a slide—save money by going basic, or splurge on a slide that swerves through a grotto or skims through a waterfall. A diving board is an option if the water depth will safely accommodate it. Or instead, you might decide to focus your dollars on a beach entry so adults can park chaise lounges in the shallowest waters while keeping an eye on kids at play.

Lifestyle: Al Fresco Entertaining

Pool with Basketball Hoop EntertainmentYour guest list is mainly adults and might include older children. The swimming area is less about splash and more about the centerpiece of an outdoor experience that includes a range of seating, a cooking and dining area, attractive landscaping and lighting that allows the water to shine after dusk.

Pool Features

With the swimming space as a focal point of your outdoor living room, budget for features that appeal to the senses, such as waterfalls or natural stone grottos that make yours feel like paradise. Go for technology packages like customized pool lighting that is color-changing and can be controlled with an app.

Lifestyle: Leisure Time

Luxurious spa and poolIf rest and relaxation are what you hope to gain. Then your focus is less on entertaining and more on creating an environment where you can unwind after a long day, and perhaps do some sunbathing.

Pool Features

A sun shelf or sun deck allows you to lounge in a shallow area and cool off while you soak in the rays. A swim spa with an infinity edge that flows in, creates a “hot spot” for spending cool nights outdoors. Plus, advanced heating systems allow you to adjust the water temperature with ease. If you appreciate the sound of water, set aside some of your budget for backyard water features such as jets, fountains or spill-overs so you can enjoy the tranquil sound.

Budget Now and Spring into Swimming Season

Planning and budgeting for luxurious features take time. Consider what matters the most to you and your family—and ask us about the best features that will accommodate your lifestyle. We’re here to help.

Download our helpful pool design guide to gain inspiration. Or call us today for a consultation. Fill out our contact form, or contact us at 845-463-0592 in Hudson Valley, 914-271-7996 in Westchester, 203-212-4800 or Connecticut.

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I wanted to send you a quick email thanking you and your team for the fantastic job they did on replacing a failing retaining wall and ancient sidewalks. Your team was very helpful in selecting the correct product and colors to compliment the house. The project was done quickly and with careful expertise of all who worked on it. All the people were very respectful, very hard working and very professional. They cleaned up at the end of each day and tried their best to maintain as much access a…
Douglas D.Walden, New York

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