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pool waterfalls and water slidesNothing beats waking up on a hot summer day and knowing you can walk into your backyard and dive into your pool to cool down. It’s the perfect place to spend time with friends and family when the summer months roll around, plus let’s be honest, having your own pool shows off your ravishing lifestyle and gives you a focal point for both relaxation and outdoor entertainment. Yes, having a pool is great, but don’t just settle for a hole filled with water in your backyard. The pool is the foundation, but adding dynamic and functional features will elevate your entire outdoor landscape.

So, which features will bring out the best in your pool? Let’s take a look at popular trends and features that have become the standard for having a one-of-a-kind pool and surrounding landscape.

Stunning Water Features

You know the saying, “just add water,” right? Well, it can be used for your pool too. No, we’re not talking about putting more water in your pool, we’re talking about adding water features to upgrade the look and creativity of it. Two unique and amazing water features to add are waterfalls and laminar jets.


Imagine the look on the face of friends and family who come over and see a beautiful waterfall effortlessly flowing water into your pool. concrete freeform pool waterfallWaterfalls add instant value and eye candy to your outdoor living space and there are many custom designs you can go with to fit your personal style. Go for a more natural look with a waterfall that features rocks, stones, and other elements, or you can have a more modern look that matches the architecture of your home. No matter what you’re looking for, you can trust the professionals at Neave Pools to help you design and install a waterfall that will work seamlessly with your pool and outdoor space.

Laminar Jets

A very popular water feature seen in both residential pools and award-winning resorts and hotels are laminar jets. pool jets and laminar jetsTalk about a unique and soothing feature that immediately gets the attention of all pool spectators. Sit back and relax in your pool and watch streams of water arch over your pool and quietly drop down from one end to the other. You can even customize the jets with colored light filters for a more vibrant touch – especially at night.

Light Up Your Pool

If you’re the type that loves a calming night swim as you watch the sunset fall behind the horizon, then adding lighting to your pool is a feature you need to have.pool lighting to enhance your pool  Pool lighting is the perfect way to set a stunning backdrop in your backyard for all those late night outdoor gatherings or have the lights to showcase your pool as everyone parties inside. Choose lights that are placed inside or outside your pool, and even have lighting that surrounds the walkway. You can choose different colors and levels of brightness too – No matter what pool lighting you choose to do, you are giving your pool the extra recognition it deserves.

Innovative Pool Automation

We all like simple solutions to everyday tasks, right? When it comes to maintaining your pool all summer, there is always a list of duties to make sure it’s ready to host your next pool party. pool automationA quick way to take care of these time-consuming tasks is through pool automation. Investing in this state-of-the-art feature lets you control every detail of your pool right from your fingertips. By installing a pool automation system you can control your water temperature, pool cover, lighting, pool cleaning, check chemical balance, and even turn on those sweet laminar jets with the push of a button. If you love to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovation, let Neave Pools install a pool automation system for you today.

Diving boards, slides, caves, swim up bars – the list goes on. These great pool features are just scratching the surface of all the great ideas Neave Pools can add to your pool and outdoor living space. We know that the summer is meant for countless “fun in the sun” memories and that’s why you need to contact a Neave Pool expert today and let us help you choose the features that will make your pool the place to be this summer.

If you’re in Hudson Valley, call (845) 463-0592. Westchester, call (914) 271-7996. Cold Spring, call (845) 463-0592, and in Connecticut, call (203) 212-4800. Or fill out the handy web form on this page, and we’ll get in touch with you to schedule a complimentary swimming pool consultation.

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